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American Miniaturist Magazine -- USA

December 2008, Issue 68
Cheri DeGruccio, Cover, "CDHM Showcase", Pages 50-51, "Mischievous Tiny Toddlers", Pages 72-75;*
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "CDHM Showcase", Page 49 *
Karen Ferrier, "From Small Beginnings", Pages 103-105 *
Marsha Mees, "CDHM Showcase", Page 50 *
Paulette Morrissey, "CDHM Showcase", Pages 48-49 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 66-69

November 2008, Issue 67
Alice Bell, "As Unique As Her Creations", Pages 24-28; "Tiny Teapots Get Fired Up", Pages 34-40*
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "Finding Perfection In Small Scale", Pages 20-22 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 102-105

October 2008, Issue 66
Kiva Atkinson, "The Old Rattling of the Night Marcher's Bones", Pages 46-47
Aleah Klay, "Pigs May Fly In A Miniature Sky", Pages 33-37; "Pumpkin With Personality plus" Tutorial, Pages 61-63 *
Miriam Kallies, "Spirited Little Characters", Pages 6-9 *
Janice Leotti, "Reaching Out From The Grave" Tutorial, Pages 40-44
Diane Paone, "New Orleans Voodoo Magic", Page 27
Patricia Paul , "New Orleans Voodoo Magic", Page 27
Marcella Perodo, "Culinary Treats", Pages 72-76 *
Pat Sprague, "You'll Be The Cat's Meow" Tutorial, Pages 82-83
Tracy Topps, "Little Bluebird Of Happiness" Tutorial, Pages 103-106 *
Ericka Van Horn, "New Orleans Voodoo Magic", Cover and Pages 27-32
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 78-81

September 2008, Issue 65
Lauretta Carroll, "Architecture in Miniatures", Pages 50-53 *
Sandra Palesch, "Sweet Crunch and Caramel", Pages 78-82
Diane Paone, "Katoinette Boutique", Page 36
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 98-100

August 2008, Issue 64
Kiva Atkinson, "Roast Chicken To Crow About", Pages 52-55
Cathy Ruggiero, "Earth Laughs In Flowers", Pages 74-75 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 101-103

July 2008, Issue 63
Marsha Mees, "Uncle Santa Sam", Page 63; "IttyBits", Page 83
Paulette Morrissey, Cover & "Third Street", Pages 6-14 and Page 84 *
Sandra Palesch, "Summer Berry Jeweled Crown", Pages 36-41
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 76-79

June 2008, Issue 62
Kiva Atkinson, "Yum Cha Celebration", Pages 100-102
David Curd, "Miniature Innovations", Pages 46-48*
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 104-107

May 2008, Issue 61
Kiva Atkinson, "Festive Feast", Pages 88-90
Lucy Maloney, "Dogs Are Friends Fur-Ever", Pages 68-70*
Arnulv Stensland, "She'll Be Glad To Have Gladiolas", Pages 42-45
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 98-101

April 2008, Issue 60
Cheri Desiree, "Of Wings & Mythical Things", Pages 42-45*
Shelly Norris, "La Casita In A Home", Pages 54-57
Tracy Topps, "Building Castles In The Air", Pages 21-26*
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 98-101

March 2008, Issue 59
Kiva Atkinson, "Tropical Sweetness", Pages 62-65
Mariella Vitale, "MiniMail", Page 30*
Joanna Thomas, "Once Upon a Time...", Pages 66-70 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 84-86

February 2008, Issue 58
Marsha Mees, "Dolls With Attitude", Pages 24-27 *
Erin Metcalf, "The Muse of Imagination", Pages 76-77 *
Sandra Palesch, "Sweet Dreams Candy Shop", Pages 38-41
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 42-43

January 2008, Issue 57
Kiva Atkinson, "Goosing In The New Year", Pages 102-105
Mariella Vitale, "Muffa's Funny Little Animals", Pages 65-69*

December 2007, Issue 56
Marcia Backstrom, "Turn of the Head", Pages 18-21

November 2007, Issue 55
Elizabeth LePla, "Present & Future Perfect Perspective", Pages 61-64 *
Shelly Norris, "Reflecting into Nature's Mirror", Pages 65-69
Sandra Palesch, "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater", Pages 102-107

October 2007, Issue 54
Kiva Atkinson, "Mushroom Madness", Pages 70-72
Marsha Mees, "Wrong Way Woozy Witch", Pages 44-45

September 2007, Issue 53
Pat Carlson, "Making Books with Mini Soul", Pages 78-80*
Betsy Niederer, "Sweet Obsessions", Pages 54-58 *
Shelly Norris, "Love Lotus", Pages 82-83
Sandra Palesch, "Gimme S'more Please", Pages 101-105

August 2007, Issue 52
Julie Campbell, "Bella Belles of the Ball", Pages 24-27
Sandra Palesch, "Henry's Dog Days", Pages 20-23
Anya Stone, "All Creatures Great and Small", Pages 90-92*
Sarah-Jane Waller, "The Cat's Out of the Bag", Pages 80-85*

June 2007, Issue 50
Kiva Atkinson, "Lobster Feast--Fit for a King", Pages 76-78
Sarah-Jane Waller, "Mini-Henry Needs A Home", Mascot Article, Page 9 *

April 2007, Issue 48
J.M. Leotti, "Decorate with Fairies", Pages 40-42
Sandra Palesch, "A Tea Party For Peter", Pages 53-57

February 2007, Issue 46
J.M. Leotti, "A Contributor Tidbit", Pg 13 - "Sweetheart Treats", Pgs 44-46
Sandra Palesch, "Will You Be Mine", Pages, 72-76

November 2006, Issue 43
Don Joslyn, "Petite Painting From A Big Heart", Pages 56-58

October 2006, Issue 42
J.M. Leotti, "Arzella Hopthorne", Cover & Pages 15-18

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Ashton-Drake Galleries Online

October 2007
Jean Reid, So Truly Realistic Micro-Miracles Babies Collection

August 2007
Carol McBride, Teaspoon Fairies Miniature Figurine Collection

June 2007
Kim Fillio, Fairy Collection

May 2007
Jessica Schenk, Tiny Toes Miniature Ballerina Baby Doll Collection

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Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine -- USA

December 2007/January 2008
J.M. Leotti, Gallery: "Christmas Angel", Page 59

October/November 2007
Noemí Pascual, Gallery: "The Roaming Lady of the Gardens", Page 60

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Cosmopolitan Espanol Magazine -- Spain

September 2007
Noemí Pascual, "Crea Figuras a Escala 1/12", Page 106

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Discover Dolls Magazine -- UK

July/August 2007
Robin Angel Lanzoni, "Small is Beautiful -- Miniature Sculpted Babies"

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Doll Magazine -- UK

October/November 2007, Issue 101
Cheri DeGruccio, "Cover Doll", Page 4 and "A Talent Beyond Her Years", Pages 56-57
Miriam Kallies, "Holiday Dolls", Page 32
Esther Marker, "Fairies with Flash & Fire", Pages 30-31
Marsha Mees, "Miniature Dolls With Sass", Page 9
Phyllis Morrow, "Fantasy Fairies", Pages 28-30
Dawn Schiller, "Holiday Dolls", Page 33

June/July 2007, Issue 99
Noemí Pascual, "Vital & Vivacious", Pages 52-53

April/May 2007, Issue 98
Kim Fillio, "Mystical Beings", Pages 34-35

February/March 2007, Issue 97
Jenny Lynne Henderson, "Flights Of Fancy", Pages 32-33

October/November 2006, Issue 95
Debbie Weimert, "Dear John", Page 40

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Doll Crafter & Costuming Magazine -- USA

July 2008
Jodi & Richard Creager, Cover, and "The Art of Jodi & Richard Creager", Page 16

October 2007
Dawn Schiller, "Fearful Fall Fun Gallery", Page 72

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Doll Reader Magazine -- UK

August 2008
Terri Davis, "Small Bride Dolls on the Big Day", Page 20
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "Here Come the Brides - Small Bride Dolls on the Big Day", Page 20
Anna Hardman, "Small Bride Dolls on the Big Day", Page 20
Cynthia Howe, "Here Come the Brides", Page 21
Giselle Sullivan, "Here Come the Brides", Page 21

June/July 2008
Michelle Bradshaw, "Fantasy Folklore", Page 52
Cindi Cannon, "Fantasy Folklore", Page 52
Jodi & Richard Creager, "Vision Quest", Pages 30-34
Julie Mansergh, "Fantasy Folklore", Page 52
Patricia Rose, "Fantasy Folklore", Page 50

September 2007
Noemí Pascual, "Wee Ones", Pages 38-39

May 2007
Chris Jones, "Chris Jones Original Dolls", Page 15

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Doll Reader Wee Ones Magazine -- UK

June/July 2008
Camille Allen, "In The Spotlight", Page 5
Chris Jones, "In The Spotlight", Page 4
Carol McBride, "Big News For Small Dolls", Page 8

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Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine -- USA

November/December 2008 Issue 6
Kiva Atkinson, "Manhattan After Dark", Page 13; "A Mini Harvest At Aunt Bea's", Pages 71-73
Jodi & Richard Creager, "Mischief & Magic In Miniature", Pages 74-76
Judy McQuay of Dusty Acres, "Sibling Rivalry in Small Scale", Page 40
Diane Pietrocola, "Regal Rubies for a Victorian Beauty", Pages 48-49
Kay Shipp, "Santa's Showcase", Page 23
Carol Wagner, "Manhattan After Dark", Page 12
Viola Williams, "A Treasured Tiny Teapot", Pages 50-51

September/October 2008 Issue 5
Kiva Atkinson, "Playing With Potato Heads", Pages 38-39
Nancy Cronin, "Bewitching Crones", Pages 47-49

July/August 2008 Issue 4
Kiva Atkinson, "An Eclectic Island Picnic", Pages 82-83
Marsha Mees, "National Miniatures Trust Museum", Page 48

May/June 2008 Issue 3
Kiva Atkinson, "London Revisited", Pages 73-74
Kay Burton, "In Praise Of Our Mothers - 'Portrait of Mother and Baby'", Page 67
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "In Praise Of Our Mothers - 'Mother & Daughers'", Page 66
Anna Hardman, "Here Comes The Bride", Pages 16-20
Lucy Maloney, "In Praise Of Our Mothers - 'Golden Retriever Mother and Puppy'", Page 67
Teresa Summers, "In Praise Of Our Mothers", Page 67

March/April 2008 Issue 2
Kiva Atkinson, "New England on My Mind", Pages 49-51

January/February 2008 Issue 1
Kiva Atkinson, "Happy New Year Chinese Style", Pages 87-89
Janine Crocker, "Feathery Fashions For Head & Heart", Pages 14-17 *
Richard Johnson, "Concoctions In Conifer Corner", Pages 58-60
Sandra Palesch, "Raise Your Glass To A New Year Ahead", Pages 62-65
Jan Patrie, "Under the Little Big Top", Page 37

December 2007
Sue Ayers, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38
Kiva Atkinson, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38; "Parting Shot", Page 64
Cindi Cannon, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38
Teresa Dudley, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38
A. Rose Gallagher, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38
Gallery B Miniature Woodturnings, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38
Judy McQuay /Dusty Acres SW Trading Post, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Page 38
Moonyeen Moller, "Parting Shot", Page 64
Kathy Obrenski, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Page 36
Jan Patrie, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Page 34
Jim Smeltz, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Page 34
Chris Sturgess-Lief, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Page 34
Ericka Van Horn, "The Holidays Wear Many Faces", Pages 34-38

November 2007
Marcia Backstrom, "A Doll Extravaganza", Page 35
Nancy Cronin, "A Doll Extravaganza", Page 34
Terri Davis, "A Doll Extravaganza", Page 34
Lisa Linsday, "Parting Shot", Page 64
Kay Shipp, "A Doll Extravaganza", Page 33
Viola Williams, "On Dolls and Ice Cream", Page 7; "A Doll Extravaganza", Page 36

October 2007
Kiva Atkinson, Cover, Insert - Page 4, "Tudor Food Fair", Pages 38-40
Nancy Cronin, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 34
Alice M. Gegers, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 33
Miriam Kallies, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 33
Moonyeen Moller, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 37
Diane Paone, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Pages 35-36
Kathy Obrenski, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 32
Ericka Van Horn, "Halloween and the Festive Fall Season", Page 35

September 2007
Ericka Van Horn, "Pottermania", Page 16

August 2007
Maureen Ballantyne, "The Gentleman's Corner", Page 35
Janine Crocker, "Caps For Sale", Page 8
Shellie's Miniature Mania, "The Gentleman's Corner", Pages 33-35
Jan Patrie, "Diana's Temple", Page 31
Kay Shipp, "The Gentleman's Corner", Page 33

July 2007
Barb Lewis, "2007 Texas Miniature Showcase", Page 14
Lyn Trenary, "2007 Texas Miniature Showcase", Page 15
Ericka Van Horn, "Pottermania", Page 8

June 2007
Barbara Dezza, "Miniaturitalia 2007", Pages 13
Moonyeen Moller, "Furnishings, A Georgian Style Shop", Page 35

April 2007
Michelle Bradshaw, "The Magic of Hollywood", Page 43
Cindi Cannon, "The Magic of Hollywood", Page 45
Jodi & Richard Creager, "Parting Shot", Page 64
Lucy Maloney, "The Magic of Hollywood", Page 43
Kay Shipp, "Sunday In the Park With George", Pages 46-49
Teresa Summers, "Sunday In the Park With George", Pages 46-49
Ericka Van Horn, "Sunday In the Park With George", Pages 46-49

March 2007
Kiva Atkinson, "How To make A Buddha's Hand", Pages 54-55
Era Pearce, "Tropical Arrangements", Pages 43-45

December 2006
J.M. Leotti, "Traditional Santa Claus", Page 25

July 2006
Cindi Cannon, "World of Fairies", Page 54
Kerri Pajutee, "All Creatures Small and Great", Pages 21-23
Kay Shipp, "World of Fairies", Page 56
Teresa Summers, "World of Fairies", Page 56
Lyn Trenary, "World of Fairies", Page 55

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Dolls House (Craftsman Guild) -- UK

November 2008, Issue 126
Marsha Mees, "Gals and Giggles", Pages 26-29

October 2008, Issue 125
Amanda Thomas, "Sweet Temptation", Pages 30-32

September 2008, Issue 124
Fiona Bateman, "Turning In A New Direction", Pages 44-49
Amanda Thomas, "Eggs Over Easy", Pages 42-43

August 2008, Issue 123
Amanda Thomas, "Tray Bake", Page 61

June 2008, Issue 121
Dolores van de Akker, "Puppy Love", Pages 50-53

April 2008, Issue 119
Amanda Thomas, "Mini Marketplace", Page 4

September 2007
Jax Perrat, "Part 2: Carodoug's Ferns & Foliage", Pages 28-30 and "Mini Market", Page 19
Viola Williams, "Patty-Cake, patty-cake: Meet The Maker Interview", Pages 34-37

August 2007
Yvonne Moxon, "Chocolate Box Kit", Page 43
Jax Perrat, "Project", Page 12

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Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine -- UK

November 2008, Issue 173
Julie Campbell, "Christmas and Holiday Season", Pages 12-14
Nicky Cooper, "Christmas and Holiday Season", Pages 12-14
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Christmas and Holiday Season", Pages 12-14

November 2008, Issue 173
Kiva Atkinson, "Sliding Down the Acropolis", Pages 57-59; "Fantasy, Fairytales and Halloween", Pages 6-9
Julie Campbell, "Scottish Miniatura Show Report", Pages 30-31
Kay Burton, "Fantasy, Fairytales and Halloween", Pages 6-9
Lucy Maloney, "Passionate About Dogs", Pages 18-19
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet in Miniature - Oval Table Runner", Page 76
Betsy Niederer, "Fantasy, Fairytales and Halloween", Pages 6-9
Jax Perrat, "Scottish Miniatura Show Report", Pages 30-31

September 2008, Issue 171
Sandie Coe, "Some of the Best Things about Summer", Pages 6-9
Janine Crocker, "Some of the Best Things about Summer", Pages 6-9
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet in Miniature - Mini Mohair Stole", Page 68
Marcella Perodo, "Minicaretti", Pages 30-31

August 2008, Issue 170
Kay Turple, "Creating Cuddly Animals With Needle Felting", Page 36

June 2008, Issue 168
Karen Ferrier, "Karen's Mini Marvels 'Teddy Bears'", Pages 25-27
Yvonne Moxon, "Silk Embroidered Handbag And Shoes", Pages 53-55
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet in Miniature - Chrysanthemum Afghan", Pages 66-67

May 2008, Issue 167
Kiva Atkinson, "Bread Bowls", Page 69
Barbara Dezza, "Creations In Miniature", Page 38
Tom Walden, "Wonders In Wood", Page 26

April 2008, Issue 166
Nikki Rowe, "1/12th Scale Pickles", Pages 55-57

March 2008, Issue 165
Kay Burton, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 12-13
Janine Crocker, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 13
Linda Cummings, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 14
Jacqueline Dunn, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 12
A. Rose Gallagher, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 12
Lydia Murphy, "Antimacassar Sofa Set", Pages 74-75
Betsy Niederer, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 14
Era Pearce, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 12
Shellie's Miniature, "A Tribute To Spring Holidays", Page 13
Gosia Suchodolska, "Small World Producers of Focal Perspective RoomBoxes", Pages 31-33

February 2008, Issue 164
Linda Cummings, "A Real Foodie", Pages 12-13
Nikki Rowe, "Blackberry Crumble and Custard", Pages 61-63

January 2008, Issue 163
Kiva Atkinson, "In A Fowl Mood", Pages 71-73
Sally Brennan of Miss Sally World, "Autumn Miniatura Show Report", Page 16
Debra Dixon-Paver, "New Products", Page 141
Emma Eilbeck of The Craft Pack, "Christmas Cutouts", Pages 42-43
Yvonne Moxon, "Kit Review/Chocolate Box", Page 24; "New Products", Page 40
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature - Tote Bag", Pages 68-69

December 2007, Issue 162
Toni Allen, "Halloween Pumpkin Cushion", Page 78
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature", Pages 76-77
Martha Puff, "The Puff Collection-Part 2", Pages 6-9
Kay Shipp, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 2", Pages 6-9
Teresa Summers, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 2", Pages 6-9

November 2007, Issue 161
Kiva Atkinson, "Delicious Fruits", Pages 55-57
Sally Brennan (MissSallyWorld), "New Products", Page 43
Teresa Dudley, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 9
Emma Eilbeck of The Craft Pack, "Making Beautiful Bags", Page 68
Shellie Kazan, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 7
Mini_Menu, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 8
Frank Preene, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 7
Martha Puff, "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Pages 6-9
Kay Shipp, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 8
Teresa Summers, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Page 9
Ericka Van Horn, mentioned in article of "The Puff Collection-Part 1", Pages 7 & 9
Viola Williams, "Gibson Girl Style in 1/12 Scale", Pages 77-79

October 2007, Issue 160
Kiva Atkinson, "Something Fishy", Pages 82-84
Kerry Fawcett, "Ella-Rose Miniatures", Pages 42-43
Yvonne Moxon, "Crazy Patchwork Cushions", Pages 77-79
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature - Mini Crocheted Trims", Pages 63-64
Viola Williams, "Discovering Miniatures", Pages 32-34

September 2007, Issue 159
Kiva Atkinson, "Crossing the Border into Tijuana", Pages 73-75
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature", Pages 70-71
Mandy Rigg, "News", Page 41

August 2007, Issue 158
Julie Campbell, "The Miniature Scene", Page 47
Nicky Cooper, "The Miniature Scene", Pages 47
Anna Hardman, "The Miniature Scene", Page 46
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature - Sampler Afghan", Pages 54-55
Mandy Rigg, "Glamorous Gowns", Pages 35-37

July 2007, Issue 157
Jean Day, "Jean Day Miniatures", Pages 26-27
Kiva Atkinson, "Oh Jerusalem", Pages 75-77
Teresa Dudley, "Epic Imagination", Pages 6-9
Yvonne Moxon, "12th Scale Basket", Pages 83-85

June 2007, Issue 156
Jax Perrat, "Miniatura"
Lydia Murphy, "Crochet In Miniature", Pages 82-83
Yvonne Moxon, "A Hanging Basket", Pages 84-85

May 2007, Issue 155
Kiva Atkinson, "I Love Breakfast", Pages 78-80
Yvonne Moxon, "Re-Living Childhood", Pages 38-40
Tracy Topps, "Tudor Fireplace", Pages 85-87

April 2007, Issue 154
Tracy Topps, Cover, "Making Miniature Houses", Pages 30-32

March 2007, Issue 153
Diane Paone, "Masquerading With Diane Paone", Pages 46-49
Kiva Atkinson, "Mamma Mia", Pages 61-63

February 2007, Issue 152
Janine Crocker
Lydia Murphy

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Dolls House Nederland -- The Netherlands

August 2008
Gosia Suchodolska, "Made in Polen", Pages 10-12

February 2008
Dolores van de Akker, "De honden van Dolores", Pages 89-92 and Page 30

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Dolls House World Magazine -- UK

December 2008, Issue 195
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Christmas Dolls", Page 9 *

November 2008, Issue 194
Camille Allen, "Life-Like Babies Twelfth Scale", Page 21

October 2008, Issue 193
Alicia Volta, "Good Things From Italy", Pages 18-19 *

September 2008, Issue 192
Julie Campbell, "Collection from Lisbon, Portugal", Page 34
Janine Crocker, "Feathery Fashions", Pages 24-27 *
Terry Neville, "Small Talk", Page 5
Marcella Perodo, "Good Things From Italy", Pages 6-7 *

August 2008, Issue 191
Kiva Atkinson, "London Revisited", Pages 58-59
Pat Carlson, "Castles of England, Miniature Books", Pages 14-16 *

July 2008, Issue 190
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Ready For The Beach", Page 5
Sue Osborne, "Coat Of Many Colours", Pages 28-29
Vicki Sharkey, "Period House Inspirations", Pages 32-33

June 2008, Issue 189
Victoria Guile, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", Page 7

May 2008, Issue 188
Barbara Dezza, "Miniaturitalia-A Success In Italy", Page 81
Bruno Punzo, "Miniaturitalia-A Success In Italy", Page 80

March 2008, Issue 186
Barbara Dezza, "Fine Foods From Italy", Pages 32-33
Hazel Dowd, "Doll Maker Guild", Page 75
Tiggy Goldsmith, "Doll Maker Guild", Page 75
Toni Malin, "Doll Maker Guild", Page 75
Jain Squires, "Doll Maker Guild", Page 75
Mary Williams, "Doll Maker Guild", Page 75

February 2008, Issue 185
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Alphabet Dolls", Page 12

January 2008, Issue 184
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Sugar and Spice", Page 76
Vicki Sharkey, "Victorian Style", Pages 32-33
Verity van Wyk, "Sugar and Spice", Pages 76-77

December 2007, Issue 183
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Christmas Morning", Page 17
Vicki Sharkey, "Old Adverts", Pages 68-71

November 2007, Issue 182
Toni Allen, "Cosy Toes", Page 51
Julie Campbell, "Club News", Page 83
Nicky Cooper, "Club News", Page 83
Vicki Sharkey, "Inspirational", Pages 80-81

October 2007, Issue 181
Nicky Cooper, "Club News", Page 88
Debra Dixon-Paver, "Change of Direction-Debbie Cooper Dolls", Pages 74-77
Vicki Sharkey, "Perfect Puddings", Pages 56-57

September 2007, Issue 180
Fiona Bateman, "In Dad's Footsteps", Page 27
Julie Campbell, "Happy Faces", Pages 18-19
Vicki Sharkey, "Raised Game Pie", Pages 64-65

August 2007, Issue 179
Hazel Dowd, "Minis4all Seventh Annual Workshop", Page 76

July 2007, Issue 178
Sue Osborne, "Extra Sparkle", Pages 70-71
Vicki Sharkey, "Chicken In Aspic", Pages 80-81

June 2007, Issue 177
Toni Allen, "Pretty As A Picture", Pages 28-29 & "Seminole Quilt", Pages 61-62
Sue Osborne, "Growing Up Fast", Page 64
Mandy Rigg, "New Miniaturist", Page 17
Vicki Sharkey, "Plover Eggs", Pages 80-81

April 2007, Issue 175
Toni Allen, "An Easter Tree", Pages 52-53
Laura Baker-Graves, "A Tribute To Josephine Baker", Page 4

March 2007, Issue 174
Lorraine Cooper, "Making Mother's Day", Pages 18-19

February 2007, Issue 173
Laura Baker-Graves, "Gone Bananas", Pages 39
Lorraine Cooper, "Website of the Month", Pages 4

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Down East Magazine -- USA

March 2007
Don Joslyn, "Lilliputian Landscapes", Page 26

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July-September 2008
Mady Schoon, "Noeppi Baer", Pages 46-47
Anja Van Den Doel, "Anja Van Den Doel", Pages 42-45
Deb Wood, "Deb Wood Fantastiske Dukker", Pages 33-39 *

April-June 2008
Ulrike Leibling, "Ulrike Leibling", Pages 22-25*
Lucy Maloney, "Lucy Maloney", Pages 18-23 *

January-March 2008
Barbara Dezza, "Miniatyrmesse i", Page 57
Christel Jensen, "Vintage Hatbox", Pages 28-32
Marcella Perodo, "Miniatyrmesse i Italia", Page 58

October-December 2007
Barbara Dezza, "Miniatyrmesse i", Page 64

July-September 2007
Christel Jensen, "Houses By Christel", Pgs 41-49; "Gingerbread House", Pgs 50-54

April-June 2007
Christel Jensen, Cover, "Houses By Christel", Pgs 6-15; "Apple Pie", Pgs 16-21

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Faerie Magazine -- USA

January 2007
Kevin Buntin, Winter Issue

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La Bacchetta Magica Magazine -- Italy

July 2008
Barbara Renzi, "Scuola di Mini Ricamo", Pages 28-30

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November 2008 Issue 132
Not available

October 2008 Issue 131
Sally Brennan, "Miss Sally World", Pages 24-25

September 2008 Issue 130
Nicky Cooper, "Nicky CC", Pages 36-37
Betsy Niederer, "Desayuno Americano", Pages 6-7 *

August 2008 Issue 129
Barbara Dezza, "Tabla de Chocolates", Page 10
Mary Garrett, "La Coleccion de Marta Velloso", Page 37
Jean Reid, "La Coleccion de Marta Velloso", Page 37

July 2008 Issue 128
Kiva Atkinson, "Truchas", Page 7; "Kiva Atkinson", Pages 46-47*
Barbara Dezza, "Carne a la Italiana", Page 6
Anna Hardman, "Anna Hardman", Pages 36-37
Lucy Maloney, "Chicago Como Gato Panza Arriba", Page 19 *
Miss Sally World, "Chicago Como Gato Panza Arriba", Page 16
Era and Bob Pearce, "Chicago Como Gato Panza Arriba", Pages 16-19 *

June 2008 Issue 127
Mariella Vitale, "Mis Piezas Favoritas", Page 20*

May 2008 Issue 126
Barbara Dezza, "Quesos Italianos", Page 6
Grazhina Kayhart, "El Bungalow de Grazhina", Pages 23-25
Betsy Niederer, "Melocotones", Page 10 *
Vanessa Parry, "Corinas y Cortineros", Pages 54-56 *
Rosemarie Torre, "Una Subasta de Museo", Page 43

April 2008 Issue 125
Barbara Dezza, "Manzanas Verdes", Page 6
Lucy Maloney, "Internacional Lucy Maloney", Pages 38-39*
Betsy Niederer, "A la Carta", Pages 14-15 *
Beryl Nightingale, "El Bebe Deseado", Page 36
Susan Scogin, "El Bebe Deseado", Page 36

February 2008 Issue 124
Barbara Dezza, "Tarta San Valentin", Page 6
Nancy Cronin, "Talleres Internacionales", Page 51

January 2008 Issue 123
Carol Cook, "Mejillones en su Concha", Page 10 *
Barbara Dezza, "Miniaturitalia 2008", Page 4
Joanna Thomas, "Habitantes", Pages 36-37*
Maria Jose J. Valbuena, "Miniaturitalia 2008", Page 4

November 2007 Issue 121
Barbara Dezza, "Trucos y Consejos Para Utilizar Pastas Sinteticas" and "Una Cabeza de Ajos"", Page 6
Tracy Topps, "La Inmobiliaria al Alza", Page 32-33*

May 2007 Issue 117
Michelle Bradshaw, "Magnum Opus", Page 34
Robin LeDuc, "Habitantes", Pages 36-37

April 2007 Issue 116
Barbara Dezza, "El Despacho de Barbara"

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Miniature Collector Magazine -- USA

October 2008
Diane Klein, "Dream of South Beach", Pages 54-57
Bridget McCarty, "Easy Marble Floor" Tutorial, Page 31

September 2008
Jon Almeda, "ShowTime Report-Chicago International", Page 23
Lucy Maloney, "ShowTime Report-Chicago International", Page 24
Barbara Sabia, "ShowTime Report-Chicago International", Page 23

July 2008
Jim Coates, "Fueled By Nostalgia", Page 18
Terri Davis, "Family Reunion", Pages 32-33
Betsy Niederer, "IGMA Show 2008", Page 25
Kerri Pajutee, "Fueled By Nostalgia", Page 19
Jan Patrie, "IGMA Show 2008", Page 25
Agnes Turpin, "The Happy Kitchen Fairy", Page 48

June 2008
Bridget McCarty, "Sleeping Beauty Collectibles", Pages 48-49
Betsy Niederer, "IGMA Fellows", Page 36
Era Pearce, "IGMA Fellows", Page 36
Viola Williams, "Make A Hat For Ellie", Pages 22-23

March 2008
Anna Hardmann, "Meet Me In Chicago", Page 8
Era Pearce, "Aeoniums", Page 44
Barbara Sabia, mentioned in "Inside Out", Page 42
Viola Williams, "Good Sam Show 2007", Page 45

February 2008
Linda Master, "A 'Master' Carver", Pages 34-38

January 2008
Viola Williams, "Dressing Ellie", Pages 34-37

December 2007
Nancy Cronin, "Meet Me In Chicago", Page 34
Showcase Roomboxes, "Meet Me In Chicago", Page 34
Barbara Sabia, "Meet Me In Chicago", Page 34

November 2007
Marcia Backstrom, mentioned in "Big and Small Collections", Pages 27 and 29
Teresa Dudley, "Northern Lites Miniatures", Page 34
Lyn Trenary, "Texas Miniature Showcase", Page 23

August 2007
Wendy Smale, "A Little Levity", Page 40

July 2007
Diane Klein, "Let's Talk Country French", Pages Cover and 16-21

June 2007
Anna Hardman, "Through The Looking Glass 'Bride'", Page 66
Bridget McCarty, "Sharing Tea Time", Page 23
Kerri Pajutee, "The IGMA Show Showtime Report", Page 26
Jan Patrie, "The IGMA Show Showtime Report", Page 29

June 2007
Diane Klein, "Country French", Page 16

May 2007
Betsy Niederer, "Baking With Betsy", Pages 18-21

February 2007
Cristina Minischetti, "Italian Food", Page 39

March 2007
Era Pearce, "Wisteria", Page 40

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OC Register Online -- USA

July 2007
Patricia Ann Rizzo, "Born To Create Art"

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Paradise Post Newspaper -- USA

February 2007
Carol McBride, The Fantasy Life, Feature Section, Article ID: 5292003

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Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine -- UK

March/April 2007
Amelia Nelson, "North American Teddies", Page 60
Sue Pendleton, "North American Teddies", Page 61
Mary Robinson, "Bruins' n' Buddies", Page 9

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Teddy Bear Review Magazine -- UK

June 2008
Sarah-Jane Waller, "In the Palm of Your Hand", Pages 54-55*
Lucy Maloney, "In the Palm of Your Hand", Pages 54-55
Teresa Moore, "In the Palm of Your Hand", Pages 54-55

December 2007
Sue Pendleton, Cover Page and "Soulfully Stitched," Pages 28-30

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Vitrines et Meubles Miniatures Magazine -- France

October/November 2007
Barbara Dezza, Concours: Les Champignons (Mushrooms), Pages 32-33

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