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CDHM brings together the collector and the artisan to appreciate the world of miniatures.

Here you can see the creativity of the Artisan, buying directly from them or contact them to negotiate a custom piece.
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For the Collector:
CDHM offers the collector a visual catalog of some of the finest Artisan made original, one of a kind miniatures in the world,including handmade dolls, dollhouses, fairies, foods, furniture, and a vast array of other miniatures and collectibles that are limited only by the imagination of the Artists who create them!
Collectors of fine miniatures will find everything from traditional to fantasy, dollhouses, and unique items to present-day styles of collectible handmade miniatures. If you are fond of spooky Halloween miniatures , you may even see a witch or two, hand sculpted by one of our Artisans! Maybe you are looking for unique food items for your dolls house kitchen; a pillow to accent your Bespaq or Lundby sofa; a fireplace to warm your miniature library. Our Artisans create anything from miniature people to miniature books.each item handcrafted and unique!
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About our Services For Artists:
CDHM.org is an online service that offers Artists of custom made miniatures a venue in which to display their unique creations and commissioned services.

It is our belief that the creations of our members represent an art form to be appreciated by artists and collectors alike. To that end, we offer a showcase of custom art created by some of the most talented Artists in the field of miniatures.

Artists who sign up for our services will find it inexpensive and easy to use. Reach out to the collectors of fine miniatures through CDHM.org and find a new, innovative way to showcase & publicize your creations and promote the wonderful world of miniatures!
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Miniature Forum:

The CDHM Forums allows the Artisan and Collector alike to communicate and ask
questions from miniaturists, trade ideas and skills and much, much more.
Make new friends and discover new treasures in this miniature world by joining in
on our discussions.
We hope you will explore the site and be inspired by what you find here!
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