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American Miniaturist Magazine -- USA

July 2009, Issue 75
Kiva Atkinson, "Here There Be Dragons", Page 10
Alison Brand, "Small Food For Big Appetites", Pages 84-85 *
Deb Jackson, "Delightful Mini Designs", Pages 53-57
Debbie Dixon-Pavor, "A Parasol and Picture Frames", Pages 48-52 *
Richard Johnson, "A Bowl of Pretty Pears", Pages 62-64 *
Miriam Kallies, "Here There Be Dragons", Page 9
Aleah Klay, "Here There Be Dragons", Page 7
Deb Roberts, Cover and "Realistic, Eclectic and Mini Mystic", Pages 14-21 *
Jain Squires, "Jain's Little Wonderland", Pages 28-32 *
Ericka Van Horn, "Here There Be Dragons", Page 10
Tom Walden, Tom's Tool Box, Pages 22-25

June 2009, Issue 74
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 76-80
Becky Winsor, tutorial, "Making a Mini Geisha Doll", Pages 50-51; article, "Simply Elegant Asian Beauty", Pages 52-55

May 2009, Issue 73
Ulrike Leibling, "Adorable Baby Faces in Miniature", pgs 48-50; "Rugged Mini Leather Bag" Tutorial, pages 51-53 *
Pamela Poulakos, "Blanketed In Baby Blessings", Pages 56-59 *
Lidi Stroud, "With Love From Down Under", Pages 74-75 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 76-79

April 2009, Issue 72
Alice Bell, "Living The Mini Dream", Page 28 *
Pat Carlson, "Living The Mini Dream", Page 28 *
Sandie Coe, "Striking Art for the Mini Collector", Pages 82-85
Carol Cook, "Make Mutton Stew For Two", Pages 56-59 *
Marilyn Harms, "Mini Cart for Heavy Lifting", Pages 38-42 *
Betsy Niederer, "Living The Mini Dream", Pages 28-30 *
Kerri Pajutee, "Living The Mini Dream", Page 28 *
Sandra Palesch, "Living The Mini Dream", Page 28 *
Bertie Pittman, "The Mini Art of the Lathe", Pages 43-45 *
Gosia Suchodolska, "Mini Inspiration in a Circle of One", Pages 48-52 *
Tracy Topps, "Living The Mini Dream", Page 28 *
Barbara Vajnar, "Primitive and Pretty Country Furniture", Pages 34-36 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 62-65

March 2009, Issue 71
Kiva Atkinson, "Eat All Your Vegetables", Pages 34-36
Lauretta Carroll, "Small Boxes Big Potential", Pages 28-33 *
Linda Master, "Micro Miniature Miracle Chicken", Pages 10-13 *
Kim Saulter, "Peaceful Perfection Sweet Confections", Cover and Pages 6-9 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 76-79
Mary K Woods, "Granny Style Winter Warmth", Pages 84-85 *

February 2009, Issue 70
Amber Matthies, "Miniature Trolls - Magical Fairies", Pages 52-55 *
Ulrike Leibling, "Rock-a-Bye Baby Cradle", Pages 74-80 *
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 46-50

January 2009, Issue 69
Kiva Atkinson, "Inari Sushi Made Mini", Pages 22-24
Tom Walden, "Tom's Tool Box", Pages 78-81

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Doll Reader Magazine -- USA

May 2009
Amber Matthies, Details Not Available

April 2009
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "The Magical Spell of Springtime", Pages 20-21
Deb Wood, Cover and "A Glimpse of Magic", Pages 22-25

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Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine -- USA

July/August 2009 Issue 10
Kiva Atkinson, "Monkey Business Hawaiian Style", Pages 11-13

May/June 2009 Issue 9
Kiva Atkinson, "You Say Tomato, I say Tomato", Pages 62-64

March/April 2009 Issue 8
Kiva Atkinson, "A Dinner That's Easy As Pie", Pages 16-18
Sue Anne McConnell, "Baby Face", Pages 48-50
Jan Patrie, "Miniature Showcase", Page 36
Kay Shipp, "Droll & Delightful", Pages 19-22

January/February 2009 Issue 7
Kiva Atkinson, "A little taste of the sea", Pages 16-18

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Dolls House and Miniature Scene -- UK

May 2009
Kay Burton, "Artful Masterpieces", Pages 6-9

April 2009
Lydia Murphy, "Feather and Fan Afghan", Pages 58-59

March 2009
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "Kensington Dollshouse Festival", Page 34, "News", Page 40
Lydia Murphy, "Baby Layette To Fit A Heidi Ott Baby Doll", Pages 72-73
Loredana Tonetti, "Tiny Italian Treasures", Pages 6-8  

February 2009
Kiva Atkinson, "Getting Saucy", Pages 64-65
Lidi Stroud, "The Challenge of Making Baskets", Pages 22-23
Mandy Riggs, "A Study in Red", Pages 6-8

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Dolls' House Magazine -- UK

March 2009, Issue 130
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "A Bevy of Beauties", Pages 40-43

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Dolls House World Magazine -- UK

August 2009, Issue 203
Kim Saulter, "Busy Mom Makes Time For Miniatures", Pages 10-14 *

March 2009, Issue 198
Zena Coffield, "Small Talk", Page 4

April 2009, Issue 199

March 2009, Issue 198
Ulrike Leibling, "Cute Babies and Toddlers", Pages 44-45 *
Tom Walden, "Perfection In Twelfth Scale", Pages 52-55 *

February 2009, Issue 197
Amber Matthies, "Adorable Little Fantasy Trolls", Pages 60-61 *

January 2009, Issue 196
Jax Perrat, "Small Talk", Page 4
Lorraine Miniatures, "Christmas Fare", Page 16

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Interweave Crochet Magazine -- UK

Spring 2009
Mariella Vitale, "A Menagerie at Your Fingertips", Page 96

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La Bacchetta Magica Miniature -- Italy

March-April 2009, n.14
Patrizia Cozzo, Cover and "Una dolce fatina da realizzare"
Barbara Dezza, "La bottiglia e i funghi" and "Caramelle di liquirizia"

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Miniature Collector -- USA

July 2009
Deborah Mackie, "IGMA Show Report", Page 35
Diane Paone, "IGMA Show Report", Page 36
Kerri Pajutee, "IGMA Show Report", Page 34

February 2009
Marsha Mees, "Good Sam Show Report", Page 24

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June 2009
Debbie Dixon-Pavor, "A Parasol and Picture Frames", Pages 48-52 *

April 2009
Ulrike Leibling, "Ulrike Leibling Dolls", Pages 36-37 *

March 2009
Marilyn Harms, "Carro de Mercado", Pages 6-7 *

February 2009
Stephanie Brown, "Nombre Propio: Stephanie Brown", Page 32 *
Nathalie Gireaud, "El oso Enamorado", Page 51 *
Anya Stone, "El Tejon", Page 7 *
Alicia Volta, "Nombre Propio: Alicia Volta", Pages 36-37 * and "Madrid: Atrapados en el Placer", Page 21

January 2009
Debbie Dixon-Paver, "Habitantes: Debbie Dixon-Paver", Cover and Pages 36-37 *

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West Virginia Gazette -- USA

May 2009
Alice Bell, "Miniatures Artist Alice Bell Likes To Work Small" (Read Article Online)

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