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CDHM artisan Sue Anne McConnell of Toodle Socks Art Dolls including teddy bears, fairies, fairy, baby, babies, mermaids, and 1:12 scale dolls
What gets miniature baby artist Sue Anne Bartocci McConnell out of bed in the mornings?

Clay! "It also keeps me up way too late at night!" she said with a guilty laugh.

Sometimes that late night experience can be counterproductive. "I have a bad habit of making a second right hand for my dolls instead...

Read the full article here.

Miniaturas Coleccionismo Magazine, Spain

Miniaturas Magazine in the USA OR Miniaturas in Europe es una publicacion mensual que ofrece a los lectores una guía completa sobre temas de coleccionismo de casas de munecas, munecas, juguetes antiguos y miniaturas en general. Mediante cuidados reportajes gráficos a todo color se presentan las más delicadas piezas. Además es una estupenda herramienta para impulsar la creatividad y las destrezas necesarias para desarrollarla. To subscribe to Miniaturas Magazine click here!


  The History of Miniatures - Part I

    A Tough Lesson Learned

  From Drab to Divine

How Do You Package Your Minis?

Creativity, Originality, and Copying

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CDHM category feature, Thanksgiving in Dollhouse miniatures How many of us still remember the original story of Thanksgiving? How the Pilgrims, bedraggled and starving on the new shore they had planned to call home, were so grateful to their new Indian friends and their gifts of food that they decided to throw a feast and give thanks for such a wondrous bounty?

Coming home is still a special occasion for far-flung families. Gathering at the...

Click to read the complete article, Coming Home


IGMA Fellow MiniCris by Cristina Minischetti Italian miniature food and mosaic artist Cristina Minischetti believes she is one of the luckiest women alive.

""I love making miniatures and I'm so lucky to do this for a living. Waking up in the morning and thinking about making something I love is great," she said. The former computer programmer and teacher made the switch to full-time miniature artist in 2001...

Read the article about Cristina and her realistic creations in the world of miniatures.


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   Welcome Chase Michael DeGruccio to this world! Congratulations to Cheri DeGruccio and her husband on the birth of their 1st child! Born October 4, 2009.

   Congratulations to the participants and winners of the CDHM Haunted Hollow Contest! 1st Place: Annabelle Ankinaki, 2nd Place: Debbie Dixon-Paver, and 3rd Place: Ainhoa Gomez Casquero

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