August 2009
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How Do You Package Your Minis? Written By CDHM Forum Member
Morena Ciambra
of Dream Art Dolls
How to package dollhouse miniatures

CDHM Member Editorial I think about the holidays, birthdays etc. The package that you receive will give you an idea of what is inside. So think about what your customers will see when they open the shipping box and find your valuable mini neatly package in a tiny box.

Boxes are very easy to make. I use heavy stock paper to make small origami boxes for my minis. CDHM Member EditorialYou can purchase packages of these business card weight sheets at your stationary or office supply stores. The cost is just pennies per box. There are several ways of making these. You can Google origami boxes or folding paper boxes and find directions on how to make them. I've also used some wonderful pieces of wrapping paper to make larger boxes. Just be sure that the inks do not run should your box become damp or wet.

Now we should talk about packing material for your little box. I like using poly fiber fill or batting. It's the white stuffing material that is used to stuff your dolls, stuffed animal and in quilting projects. CDHM Member EditorialI buy mine at the fabric stores and it is also available at most department stores. Just a little bit of this white fiber will protect your mini during the bumpy trip to its new home. White tissue paper works well too.

Once your little one is snug and packed in its box you will need to secure it from opening. I like to use small left-over pieces of yarn, scraps of ribbon or even colorful string. If you look around, you will come up with other materials that will work for you.

It is always a good idea to mark your box with your information. I like using my business card or a nice mailing label on the top of my box. It makes it a little easier for your customer to associate your work with your name.

Morena Ciambra
of Dream Art Dolls
CDHM Forum Member

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