December 2008
Member's Corner
The Wonder of a Giggle! Written By CDHM Artisan
Sharon Warren

Victorian dollhouse Miniatures, for me, began as a wonder. "I wonder, can I make this smaller?" So it began, hours, and days of persistent experimentation. My family, wondering at my new interest, would ask, "What are you doing?" Looking down at the tiny puff of fluff, barely the size of a dime, I wondered.

After spending all day, all I had to show for my effort was a ragged bit of white fluff that resembled a rabbit, sort of. My daughter focused her baby blues, leaned in, and giggled. My son brought in his own bright blues, and proudly proclaimed, "It's a rabbit!" I was pleased, and began to giggle too.

Victorian dollhouse My husband, straightened up, and nodded. Silently, he seemed to know. It didn't matter what I was doing. We were happy. It was then that I stumbled on to the heart of miniatures. It's all in the giggle! So now I wonder, "What gets your giggle?"

Do you giggle when you've made a tiny new lamp that actually lights up? Do you giggle at the thought of collecting custom pieces from around the world to form your own vignette? Do your creative collections giggle with sweet tiny perfection? Do you giggle with creative chaos, your desk spilling over with tiny bits of glue, paint, and wood?

Hugs and Giggles,


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