June 2008
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Kim Saulter

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All Things Sweet
By Sue Giordano
Images by Kim Saulter

Motherhood has a way of changing the way a woman looks at things - some changes are obvious, and some changes are subtle. Soon after becoming a new mother to a little girl, Kim Saulter happened past a dollhouse store and decided to stop in. When she walked in, there was a big pink dollhouse displayed in the middle of the shop. The house had lights, working doors, baseboards and even closets, and it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. From that moment on, she was hooked! Kim bought a dollhouse that day - the Greenleaf´┐Ż Arthur - and stayed up all night putting it together. Still, she couldn't get that fabulous big pink dollhouse out of her head and knew early on that a kit would never do. 18 years later, the dollhouse shop on the freeway has long since closed its doors, but Kim still hasn't tired of making miniatures.

Its hard to imagine where Kim finds the time to create her wonderful houses, roomboxes, shops and furniture - a stay-at-home Mom with 1 husband, 5 children and three dogs - things must get pretty hectic in the Saulter household!

Kim has a small workshop, but inevitably she ends up creating in her kitchen. Kim says her family has been good about sharing their table with her many projects. She especially enjoys the reactions of her children's friends when they see her current projects.

Real life buildings and shops, decorating books and cookbooks inspire Kim to emulate in miniature. Her personal collection boasts a candy shop, bakery, flower shop, 4 houses, and an ice cream shop, each furnished and filled to the most minute detail. Her favorite pieces to create are the sweet shops and bakeries.

Kim is a self-taught artist, and says she is still learning new things every day. Hard to imagine when taking a look at the roomboxes she's created and has photographed for her CDHM Gallery. Its clear from even a cursory glance that she has paid attention to the smallest of details, from the intricate moldings on the outside of the boxes to the tiniest bud in the flower box. From the timeless architecture of curved windows, columns, stairs and molding details, its easy to imagine one of her shops in full scale, sitting along a quaint street servicing wealthy patrons in the current century or the last.

Kim hopes to be able to create miniatures for a long time to come, improving and expanding upon her skills with each passing day.

Kim sells her exquisite roomboxes as well as individual pieces on Ebay, as well as through her CDHM Gallery and miniature shows. Pricing for furniture pieces start around $50.00 and roomboxes/shops can range from $500.00 to $1,000.00, depending on the amount of detail.

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