January 2008
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Sue Giordano
The Icing on the Cake Studios

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Sue Giordano

Where do you live?

In the mountains of western North Carolina, Brevard to be exact!

Tell us something about yourself?

Hummmm� I've been thinking a lot lately about why I like to 'create' things - I mostly like to take things apart and see how they work - revise it a little bit, and then put it back together again, hopefully leaving it a little nicer than it was before I took it apart!

What do you make?

Whatever strikes my fancy! Mostly miniature food, but I love making accessories - 'different' things - unconventional things - like using a piece of fabric to cover a chair - fabric that you wouldn't necessarily think would 'work' for a miniature chair or bedding, working with porcelain to make accessories or dishes - that sort of thing.

What scale do you enjoy working in?

1:12 scale - I find I get much too impatient working any smaller.

When did you first become interested in miniatures?

Many moons ago - before children (who are now 22 and 24 years old) - I remember having a dollhouse and going to miniature shows - and having to fight my way through a mob to get NEAR Mary Eccher's table.

What does your family think of your art?

They pretty much think I'm nuts but they've gotten used to the strange things they find around here.

I remember once when my boys were younger, I was making tiny fairies to put in scenes inside of geodes - which consisted of nude 'body parts' (anatomically correct) that had to be assembled to form a complete figure. Before assembly they needed to be painted (flesh color). One of the boys' friends walked by the kitchen table and his eyes about popped out of his head - I hear him whispering to my son "do you know your mother has NAKED people on the kitchen table?"

No one is surprised what they find around here any more!

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. Magazines, cookbooks, etc. Sometimes I'll just see something and I just HAVE to make it in miniature.

Where do you sell your products?

CDHM in the gallery, and Ebay - user ID theicingonthecake

What is the price range for your products?

Anywhere from $5.00 USD to $50.00 USD

Do you belong to any groups or clubs?

These days just CDHM and Small Stuff Digest!

Do you run workshops? If so, please tell us about them.

I haven't yet. My articles in American Miniaturist magazine were about the closest thing to a workshop.

Have you ever been published?

Lots of times! I wrote how-to articles for American Miniaturist magazine for about a year when they first came out.

What do you love most about miniatures?

LOL - mostly that they're SMALL - and that its pretty easy to finish a small project in one sitting. I have a very short attention span and once I put something down, its hard to pick it up again.

Do you have any formal training in your miniature field?

None. But virtually every class or workshop I've taken is mentally 'converted' into 'how can I do this in miniature'?

What is your most valuable tool?

My imagination!

What's the hardest area of your work to create?

I'd have to say with the miniature food its all about the color and correct size. A strawberry that isn't the 'right' color, or one that is the wrong size can ruin the realistic look we all try to achieve.

What's next for you and your creations?

My next project is glassblowing.

I've taken a few classes with the intention of someday being able to work in miniature. I have all the equipment - I just need to find the time and clean out a workspace so I can start!

What's your favorite holiday and season and why?

Well, holidays not so much. But my favorite season is DEFINITELY autumn. LOVE the changing leaves, crisp air, sweater weather and sleeping with a big fluffy down comforter.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Coconut ice cream - hands down!

What languages do you speak?

Just English.

What countries have you visited? Is there one you would like to visit and why?

Spain, many moons ago. I'd LOVE to go to Thailand on a shopping expedition.

What your favorite saying?

"You can't judge a book by its cover".

What's in your CD player right now?

Nothing! After many years of boys and many friends (my house was the 'hangout') I enjoy the quiet!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The possibility of a shopping expedition - not just miniatures, I just LOVE junk�. Flea markets and estate sales mostly, 'cause I'm too lazy to get out of the car a hundred times to go to yard sales. Definitely shopping - and the thrill of the 'hunt' (whatever it is I might be hunting for).


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