May 2008
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Deb Wood
"Enchanted Hearts"

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Deb Wood, doing business as 'Enchanted Hearts'.

Where do you live?

We live in northern Minnesota, USA, among the towering pines. It is just beautiful here.

Tell us something about yourself?

Married to a wonderful guy, kids are all grown. Four grandkids, talk about inspiration! I have always been so drawn to anything artistically or visually stimulating. It is a passion for me, in the purest sense of the word. Since childhood, to be creating something brings me the simplest, greatest joy. Nowdays you can find me working in an in home studio. I have transformed a bedroom on the main floor into an ideal work space. It's small, very cozy, but also very efficient.

What is your artform?

I create fantasy. Most of my work at this time revolves around Fairies or other woodland character themes. My goal is to have my sculptures stir emotion in the hearts of the viewer, whether it's about memories of their own childhood fantasies, or perhaps to rekindle thoughts of when their own children were young.

When did you first become interested in miniatures?

Several years ago, actually 20 years ago now, I attended a Renaissance festival where an artist was demonstrating sculpting with polymer clay. I was mesmerized! I wasn't even aware such a medium existed. Of course, in 1988, it was not as familiar as it is today.

I had been working with soft sculpture, but was not satisfied because of the lack of detail in the faces I was doing at the time. This clay seemed to be the perfect fit! It allowed me to create the expression in my work that the fabric simply didn't allow. I have been hooked ever since.

What size miniatures do you make?

Most of my work is 8" or less, I can't say I really work in 1:12 scale, although I have done pieces in that scale. I'm most comfortable working on 6" to 7" sculptures.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere in life. This is simply the most exciting journey. A rock, a flower, a color, a beautiful piece of fabric, it doesn't matter; they all inspire me to work a design in my mind. A lot of my visions come to me from watching the kids- and I visualize them just before I fall asleep´┐Ż

Where do you sell your art?

I have a website and a blog. I also try to list consistently on eBay. My seller name there is debwoodenchantedhearts.

What is the price range for your products?

Basically the prices range from around 500.00 to 2500.00 depending on the detail.

Do you belong to any groups, clubs, or affiliations?

I am a member of CDHM, Art Dolls Sculpture Group, and the Fairy Society.

What does your family think of your art?

I have the most tremendous support from all my family. It is such a blessing to me! My husband is just the best and is very understanding when I spend those long hours in the studio. He knows this makes me happy. My kids are all grown but still are so excited to see 'what mom made now'.

Recently my daughter-in-law sent me an email. She had been viewing my website with my little four year old granddaughter. She wrote that with each click, little Ella would say, "Oh Mommy! This is my favourite!" or, "This one is my VERY favourite!". My daughter-in-law ended her note with this comment, "I love you and am grateful to have someone like you in the world that can create such beauty".

It just doesn't get any better than that.

Do you run workshops?

Yes, I have run workshops! For about 14 years, I conducted sculpting classes for adults as well as for children. It was so much fun. Most recently I taught at a weekend retreat for the ADSG group in the Indianapolis area. I have done some online classes as well.

What do you collect?

I am crazy about hostas! I am an avid gardener when I'm not in the studio. My shade gardens circle our property and are filled with over 500 different varieties of hostas.

What are your goals for your artform?

Really, early on my goal was to get my work into reproduction, and I accomplished that in 1996 when my little funny nuns, the Happy Habits, were marketed and sold nationwide. I also had another fun line, called Li'l Bits, the little children with big hats. Both lines were quite successful and were carried in high end gift shops. This continued until about 2002.

Now I am content to once again create one of kind sculptures and have the pleasure of meeting and selling to the wonderful, supportive Patrons of this artform. "Life is Good" and I am very happy.

What languages do you speak?

I'm happy to have a good handle on English. I am impressed with people who can speak several languages.

Do you have any formal training?

I have taken seminars with some well known artists, but for the most part I am self taught.

What is your most valuable tool?

I enjoy simple tools. I use a #11 blade scalpel for cutting, filbert brushes with a slight bit of liquid clay worked into the bristles for smoothing and sculpting details, and knitting needles, also for smoothing and sculpting.

What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

Can I say this? The Internet. I'm hooked.

What's in your CD player right now?

Celine Dion

Where is your fantasy vacation?

I've been to Canada and Mexico. I would love to visit Australia someday.

What's next for you and your creations?

I want to continue to refine my skills. I know I have room for improvement. I look back at my growth in the past 5 years and I am so excited to see what the next few years will bring. So far, it's been a phenomenal journey and I hope it will continue to be! This is all very, very exciting, I've been extremely blessed.

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