May 2009
Kid's Korner
Goldilocks Written By Junior Hammond, Grade 1
Photos Images courtesy of
Rosy Hammond

CDHM kids corner Three Bears Miniature Chair

Dollhouse Miniatures for ChildrenOnce upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks who lived at the edge of a great forest. One morning Goldilocks began to get tired of playing in the meadow and wandered deeper and deeper into the forest until she became completely lost.

Dollhouse Miniatures for Children She strolled along the path for some time and then realised that she could no longer see her home or where she had come from. Goldilocks was feeling a little scared and was beginning to wonder whether she was lost.

As Goldilocks walked on a little further she came across the daintiest cottage she had ever seen. It smelled delicious. She felt very hungry and decided to ask someone for a little something to eat, she was thinking of a strawberry cupcakes.

Dollhouse Miniatures for Children Goldilocks knocked on the door but nobody answered. She knocked again and still nobody answered. Goldilocks decided to go in.

Before her stood three chairs. She sat on all of them but thought the littlest one suited her most. Oh no! Goldilocks was too big for the chair and it broke to pieces.

Dollhouse Miniatures for Children Goldilocks felt really awful about what she had done. She tried very hard to mend the chair.

Let's help her make a new chair! Click here for template.

Written by Junior Hammond
Grade 1

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