January 2009
Kid's Korner
The Magic Faraway Tree
*The Land of Dreams*
Part 2 - The Patchwork Quilt
Photos & Article & Images courtesy of
Rosy Hammond
Original Book, Enid Blyton
CDHM kids corner in miniature

"I feel terribly sleepy again," said Moonface, yawning.

"I do wish I could get to bed."

CDHM kids corner in miniature

As Moonface said this, there came a clippity-cloppity noise behind him. All the children and their friends turned around and were so amazed to see a bed following them. The bed tip-toed along on four fat feet. It looked so inviting for the very tired company. CDHM kids corner in miniature

They imagined sliding onto the soft, hugging mattress whilst resting their heavy heads on the sweet smelling pillow and snuggling under the colourful patchwork quilt...


    Learn How To Make The Patchwork Quilt
  1. Cut a piece of white fabric 28cm long and 16 centimetres long;
  2. Draw a grid see this template;
  3. Colour the squares with fabric crayons. We used Pentel fabricfun Pastel Dye Sticks;
  4. Fold FABRIC in half crossways with pattern inside;
  5. Sew around the fabric about 1 centimetre from the fabric edge…the folded side does not need to be sewn. Leave a small opening so that the quilt can be turned the right side out;
  6. Close the opening…we used tacky white glue;
  7. Make a pillow to match or just make a white pillow like ours in the image below; see this template.

CDHM kids corner in miniature

Come back and visit again. The story will continue, along with new illustrations and template(s) in the next issue.

CDHM kids corner in miniature

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