December 2008
Kid's Korner
The Magic Faraway Tree
*The Land of Dreams*
Part 1 - The Bed
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CDHM Member Rosy Hammond
Original Book, Enid Blyton
CDHM kids corner in miniature

I love reading to my grade and without exception Enid Blyton's "The Magic Faraway Tree" is my favourite. The children were so totally swept away by the magical elements of the story that they asked if they could capture one of the many lands that come to the top of the old and very magical Faraway Tree. The land they chose was, "The Land of Dreams".

CDHM kids corner in miniature

The children, Jo, Bessie and Fan and their friends, Saucepan Man, Moonface and Silky have sleeping sand thrown in their eyes and consequently have periodic naps as well as very strange dream-like experiences when they are awake. CDHM kids corner in miniature

The children really loved the bed and decided that would be the first part of the scene they would make. Here's their take on the assemblage.


    Learn How To Construct Your Own Bed
  1. Cut out the bed head template.
  2. Cut out the bed end template.
  3. Bed base (Same as above).
  4. Score and fold where they are marked.
  5. Score a long piece of paper four times, fold and glue the flap. Cut this rectangular prism in four. These are the legs.
  6. Colour in all the pieces.
  7. Glue all the pieces together to make the bed.

CDHM kids corner in miniature

Here are some more pictures. "Tumbling Beds".

CDHM kids corner in miniature

Come back and visit again. The story, along with new illustrations and templates will continue next month.

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