March 2009
Kid's Korner
The Magic Faraway Tree
*The Land of Dreams*
Part 4 - Making the Diorama Lid
Photos & Article & Images courtesy of
Rosy Hammond
Original Book, Enid Blyton

CDHM kids corner land of dreams, Part 4

"Wake up, sillies!" squealed Silky.

But the little company would not wake up. Silky turned her head when she heard footsteps behind her. She saw that it was the Sandman about to throw sand into her eyes. As quick as lightning, Dame Washalot picked up her washtub and threw all the water in the tub over the sack. It wet all of the sleeping sand except at the very bottom of the sack. The Angry Pixie cut the sack with his pocket knife and threw the dry sand at the Sandman.

"Now you go to sleep for a bit!"

Silky and her friends managed to wake the sleeping company and eventually they ALL returned to the Magic Faraway Tree where they were safe and sound.


    How To Finish The Diorama By Making The Lid (Click The Images Below)

  1. Cut away the four smaller squares at the corners, 1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. Score the red dotted lines and bend/fold to form sides of an open box.
  3. Tape edges together… A to A, B to B, C to C, and D to D.
  4. Glue colored tissue paper to the inside of the box to make the sky and grass. Remember to do the top, bottom and sides.
  5. To tidy the edges of the open box (lid) and the bed platform, we glued on folded strips of paper. The top part of the fold went on the top and bottom part of the fold went on the bottom…see attachment.
  6. Tape the open box (lid) to the top of the bed base. This is smaller than the bed base so it will need to be centered.
  7. Close the lid and now you have a diorama in a box. We glued a picture on the top of our box.

Come back and visit again. The story will continue, along with new illustrations and template(s) in the next issue.

CDHM kids corner in miniature

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