February 2009
Kid's Korner
The Magic Faraway Tree
*The Land of Dreams*
Part 3 - Making the Grass and Poppies
Photos & Article & Images courtesy of
Rosy Hammond
Original Book, Enid Blyton

CDHM kids corner land of dreams

Silky was lucky as she had only a little 'sleeping sand' thrown into her eyes. She slipped back down the hole in the cloud and down the ladder to the branch below to get help.

The blustery Dame Washalot and the Angry Pixie joined Silky to rescue the sleepyheads.

They climbed into the 'Land of Dreams' and marched their way through the field of swaying poppies and very long grass. In the distance they could see the little company fast asleep on what appeared to them to be a very wide bed.

CDHM kids corner land of dreams

These beds look great with their pillows.

CDHM kids corner land of dreams

Did you notice the tissue paper wedged in the top of the bed heads and bed ends?

Now lets see how to make the curled grass, the bed platform, and the poppies below.


    How To Make The Bed Platform and Glue Your Bed Onto It
  1. Cut a piece of thick, white cardboard 22 centimetres long and 22 centimetres wide.
  2. Paint one or both sides green. See the bed platform;
  3. Glue your bed (legs) onto the platform about 15mm (a little over ½") from the top edge. It will be easy if you have glued the cappings on first. USE PLENTY OF GLUE!!! (We used tacky white glue.) It is best to center it.

    CDHM kids corner land of dreams Learn How To Make Curled Grass
  1. Get a piece of photocopy paper and paint it green or colour it with pencils.
  2. Draw 'grass blades' on it like this picture and cut. We made as many as we could fit around the bed's sides.
  3. Get an adult to help you curl the grass blades. Curl some to the front and some to the back. It looks more natural that way.
  4. Once cut, fold the edge of the paper over about 5mm (¼") and put glue on the underside. Glue your grass onto the platform BUT don't glue any grass close to the sides of the platform. Keep about 15mm (a little over ½") clear.

    CDHM kids corner land of dreams Learn How To Make Poppy Flowers
  1. Cut a piece of paper 13cm long x 4cm wide (5¼" long x 1½" wide).
    - Colour the paper in greens.
  2. Fold it in half lengthways.
  3. Fold it in half lengthways again.
  4. Glue the length of it with white glue and twist. Hold until the glue grabs. Now you have a stem.
  5. Make the leaves.
  6. Cut two pieces of tissue paper, 2cm x 2cm (¾" x ¾").
    - Twist in the middle to make tiny bows.
    - Cut out a black circle.
    - Arrange to make a poppy head.
  7. Glue the leaves to the stem and the poppy head to the top.
    - Bend the bottom of the stem about 1 cm and glue to the platform.

Come back and visit again. The story will continue, along with new illustrations and template(s) in the next issue.

CDHM kids corner in miniature

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