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Featured Artisan
Artisan profile featuring IGMA Fellow Linda Cummings of Lins Minis
Forum Spotting
Peek into the artisans world and discover what they shared in the CDHM Forum
that hasn't hit the public market yet
How your mini food can bring in the green
Marketing strategies for your dollhouse miniature food creations
Featured Gallery
Meet Hazel Parr of Kitty's Kitchen Miniatures
Miniatures for Hollywood
Visit with IGMA Artisan Stephanie Brown and discover what she made for a movie director
Book Review
Terrariums and Miniature Gardens by Sunset Books"
Leprechaun and all things green
St Patrick's Day tribute for the dollhouse miniature collector and artist
Keep up to date on the News in the miniature community
Found Objects
Find out how you can turn full-size trash into miniature crafting discoveries!
Tool Review
Go green in your workshop by using tools that last
Published Artisans
Shows and Fairs
Print out your favorite dollhouse miniature paper printies


Alice Bell

Betsy Niederer, Food Review
Lauretta Carroll, Tidbits & Forum Spotting
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
John Allard, Tools
Reisl Lackinger, Book Review

Guest Contributors
Linda Cummings, Hazel Parr, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Vajnar, Kerri Pajutee, Hanna Lindroth, Karin Bohusch, Catherine (nyann), Hellie, Wendy Smale, Teresa Tremaine, Dave Krakow, Oiseau deNim, Erin Metcalf, Nathalie Gireaud

Issue 3
March 2010

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