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CDHM artisan Hazel Parr
Hazel Parr
Kitty's Kitchen Miniatures

CDHM artisan Hazel Parr

Culinary marvels come in 1:12 scale

By Lauretta Carroll
Photos courtesy of Hazel Parr

CDHM artisan Hazel Parr The old saying that a "woman's place is in the kitchen" is not considered to be politically correct, unless, of course, you're speaking about artisan Hazel Parr and the miniature food she creates.

Selling her wares under the name Kitty's Kitchen Miniatures, named in part after her oldest daughter Kitty, Hazel is one of the prominent food artisans at CDHM, and is on her way to becoming a recognized name in the miniature community.

Like many miniaturists, Hazel's kitchen doubles as her workroom. "A workshop would be lovely! I am confined to the kitchen table; one of the reasons behind the name Kitty's Kitchen Miniatures. We never have people over for dinner, not because we are unsociable but just because I don't want to clear up my work area!!"

CDHM artisan Hazel Parr

Hazel makes a variety of 1/12th scale food.

"I have only ever worked in 12th scale. It was the first scale I ever encountered. I don't think I have the sanity for anything smaller!"

Foods found on her mini menu include breads, cakes, pastries, and biscuits. These are often complimented by cheeses, various seafood creations, and vegetables.

"Almost everything I make is crafted from Fimo, although I do use various beads and such for embellishments."

Her most creative work may be her plated dinners, offering meals like Fish and Chips, Roast Chicken, and Sunday lunches. Last, but not least, are the perfectly reproduced chocolates and candies.

"I am always looking for different foods to make. The easiest part is coming up with the ideas of what to make next. I have lists crammed full of ideas and enjoy thinking through the process of bringing them to life."

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