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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Tidbit News
CDHM Writer, Lauretta Carroll

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Lauretta Carroll
Staff Writer

CDHM is an acronym for Custom Dolls, Houses, and Miniatures. Pretty simple at first glance. Dolls are dolls and houses are houses, but when we come to the word miniatures then the possibilities are endless. Miniature food, miniature knitting, miniature books, miniature furniture. The list goes on and on.

CDHM forum member Dave Krakow makes ho railroad scale miniature furniture Take this one step further and you find that there is a whole world of miniaturists working in all types of disciplines besides dollhouse miniatures. One such miniaturist is Dave Krakow (DaKra) who makes wonderful 1/87th scale (or HO scale) furniture. Dave is a model railroad aficionado who has an eye for detail and style. His latest work is a beautiful Sheraton Bookcase he designed and built, complete with tiny books.

If you like his bookcase, then you will fall in love with his piano forte and violin. You can see them in the Dollhouse and Roombox board.

Let's be honest. We all have had "close encounters" with them at one time or another. Those pesky little un-finished objects lying around our work area.

Well Teresa Tremaine (twbizzy) recently challenged some of her fellow members on the food board to a week of tackling some of those UFO's.

Linda Cummings (linsminis) IGMA Fellow Linda Cummings makes dollhouse miniature foods was first to take up the challenge and finished a lovely basket filled with gorgeous vegetables.

Teresa's accomplishment was her whimsical "Fishbowl Cake". CDHM artist teresa tremaine makes dollhouse miniature foods in 1:12 scale

Want to see what else they've accomplished? Check out their Galleries here at CDHM to find out! Oh, and don't forget to sign up for Linda's live tutorial this month!


Tip #1

Wendy Smale (wendysminiatures) has a neat trick when gluing cloth with Fabric Tac adhesive.

Using the adhesive directly from the bottle can cause too much glue to be dispensed and lead to spider web threads of glue that are difficult to manage, sometimes ruining a project. Her secret is to use a piece of waxed paper folded in half, booklet style. When the wax paper is open, she places a bead of glue on one side, using the other side of the wax paper as a cover.

This prevents the glue from drying too quickly during use, and safeguards against accidentally setting something into the glue. You can then use a toothpick or pin to pick up the glue giving more manageability and controlling the amount needed for your project.

Tip #2

Wallpapering a miniature project can be an exasperating experience, especially when working with bare walls. One simple solution is to paint the walls first with a coat of flat white paint. This gives the wallpaper paste something to stick to, and makes wrinkles and loose seams a thing of the past.

An added bonus is that a white wall will maintain the vibrancy of your wallpapers' color.

Thanks to Lynnie410 for this handy tip!

March Tutorials Set To Go

The topics of the live tutorials for March are a sign that spring is on it's way. This month you can learn to make a 1/12th scale Hat and Parasol, 1/12th Scale Chocolate Easter Eggs, 1/12th scale Vegetables, and a 1/12th scale Journal Book. Check the forum for dates and times.

Sign up for the Forum today.


2010 DOTY Industry's Choice Winners

The annual Doll Of The Year (DOTY) Industry's Choice Award winners, hosted by Doll Reader magazine, were announced on January 29, 2010 at IDEX Premiere in Orlando, Florida.

In category 11, "Artist Miniature Doll", CDHM forum member Anna Hardman (anna) won with her "Livia - Victorian Bride". Congratulations to Anna!

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