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CDHM artisan Ulrike Leibling creates 1/12 scale baby troll Most were seen as pudgy little fellows with or without glasses, enthusiastic drinkers, shoe makers and prank-players. Child fairy by CDHM artisan Paulette Morrissey Although not technically good nor evil, woe unto the poor human who got on the wrong side of one. Particularly the more modern leprechaun wielding a shillelagh!

CDHM artisan Ulrike Leibling presents a 1:12 scale baby leprechaun The shillelagh is another well-known symbol of Ireland. These stout, knotty fighting clubs/walking sticks are made of blackthorn or oak with a large knob at the top. To create the perfect shillelagh, it had to be a knobby two to three feet length of wood that was smeared with butter and tucked up a chimney to age into the shiny black patina.

More than one legend warns of the stupid or greedy human who crossed the leprechaun and got beaten about the head with the magical shillelagh for his trouble. Customized 1:12 Scale arrowhead ivy for your dollhouse by Carolyn Mohler Kraft

This month, the doors of the first ever leprechaun museum are set to open in Dublin, Ireland. The National Leprechaun Museum, in the heart of Dublin, invites visitors to "step into another world where nothing is quite as it seems." It offers exhibits on the legend and lore surrounding leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold for visitors to "rediscover the magic beneath their feet."

Or you can discover some magic right here in the Fairies and Fae or Fantasy and Mythical Galleries.

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