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So how does a leprechaun get a pot of gold in the first place? Why from mortals, of course!

They are the self-appointed guardians of ancient buried treasure. The pots of gold they guard so zealously were originally buried throughout Ireland when invaders came. Hand sculpted artdoll fairy by CDHM artisan Molly Stanton

If you don't want to go to the trouble of threatening a leprechaun with bodily harm unless he fesses up his gold, you can always follow Fergus' footsteps and ask for three wishes instead. Like the Arabian genie of the lamp, a leprechaun can grant three wishes to his captor. Just remember to be careful what you wish forů Hand crafted 1:12 scale fairy furniture by CDHM artisan Loredana Tonetti

And never, ever take your eyes off him for even a second. Whether you're negotiating for wishes or gold, if you so much as blink the leprechaun can - and will - vanish!

Leprechauns and Cluricaunes are intertwined in some legends. This is a much more malevolent fae who haunted cellars, drank, smoked and loved to play tricks. Both have always been seen as male and solitary. The leprechaun, however, is by far the snazzier dresser and much more concerned about the state of his clothes. Hand sculpted artdoll gypsy in 1/12 scale by CDHM artisan Alicia Hernandez

What he looks like depends upon what part of Ireland where he is encountered, and in what era. In the 19th century and before he was seen in red, not green, although still quite the dandy. Noted fairy authority William Butler Yeats documented the leprechaun as wearing a red jacket with seven rows of seven buttons each and wearing a cocked hat. This type hat is found on many leprechauns and had the added bonus of allowing himself to balance upon its point and spin with his heels in the air. Could this be where the expression "kicking up your heels" came from? Hand made trees in 1:6 to 1:12 scale by CDHM artisan Ceynix Trees and Landscaping

Sir Leprechaun's wardrobe also included red breeches with gold knee buckles over gray or black stockings, a neck ruff and wrist cuff frills.

In the North, the leprechaun's coat was of a military cut, still red, with white breeches.

The Tipperary resident chose an antique red jacket and a jockey cap instead of the pointed hat and carried a sword he used as a magic wand.

Kerry's leprechaun wore a cutaway red jacket - also with the seven by seven rows of gold buttons while the Monaghan leprechaun chose a swallow-tailed red evening coat over a green vest and white breeches. His long elf-hat was sometimes used as a weapon!

The modern leprechaun, whether old with flowing white hair and beard or young with flaming red locks, is still a natty dresser but the color of his coat and breeches is emerald green.      Continue the Article

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