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Dollhouse Miniature
Forum Spotting
By CDHM Gallery & Forum Membership

The CDHM membership has been busy and the leprechauns are drifting around. Check out all the fun St. Patrick's day creations made by our fellow artisans and they've shared in the CDHM Forums. You can click on those images to receive a hit of green magic and be transported to the magical realm of all that is creative in the Galleries. Or you can join the CDHM Forums and see these works in progress and the latest creations that our members have made.

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Tiny crepes created for the dollhouse miniature collector kitchen by CDHM gallery artisan Oiseau deNim cdhm dollhouse miniature forum, Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations cdhm artisan Nathalie Gireaud of Provence Miniatures creates realistic 1:12 sculpts for the dollhouse miniature collector
cdhm artist barbara vajnar of bubbas mini country cupboards creates beautiful kitchen cabinets for the american miniaturist and dollhouse collector CDHM artisan and IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee creates realistic 1:12 and 1:6 scale furrred hand sculpted animals for the animal miniature collector cdhm artisan hanna lindroth creates realistic 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature foods
cdhm dollhouse miniature forum, nyann has created 1:12 scale cream puffs for the dollhouse cdhm forum member Karin Bohusch has created this Merlin doll replicate from her interpretation of the BBC tv series cdhm dollhouse miniature forum, hellie has created this beautiful goblet for the dollhouse

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