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Dollhouse Miniature
Forum Spotting
By CDHM Gallery & Forum Membership

The CDHM membership has been busy. Take a look at some of the images that our fellow artisans have shared in the CDHM Forums. You can click on those images to receive a hit of pixie dust and be transported to the magical realm of all that is creative in the Galleries. Or you can join the CDHM Forums and see these works in progress and the latest creations that our members have made.

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cdhm dollhouse miniature forum, Debbie Dixon-Paver aka Debbie Cooper Dolls, porcelain doll in 1:24 scale CDHM's English artisan Fiona Bateman turns with a lathe and creates a wide range of dollhouse miniatures vases, chalices, bowls and much more from exotic woods, acrylics and other materials cdhm artisan pat carlson creates readable bound books in 1:12 scale, the tale of two bad mice
cdhm Jana Rowntree aka grimdeva creates spooky and haunted dollhouse scale miniatures in 1:12 scale CDHM Forum member Sue Farmer has created a tiny 144 scale fully furnished dollhouse roombox 1:12 scale OOAK Doll by CDHM artisan Nicky Cooper Dolls, Nicky CC
CDHM Artisan A.H. Designs has created a fantasy dolls miniature bed cdhm artisan Lidi Stroud of Nambucca's Little Shoppe weaves 1/12 scale dollhouse miniature baskets of all kinds cdhm dollhouse miniature forum, Janis Higgins of Gardens Of Utopia creates 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature foods like apples

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