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Nonsense wakes up the imagination
Artisan Profile
Abracadabra, creating magical miniatures with Leslie Wiedenroth
Eye Candy
See the exquisite gems of the CDHM Galleries
Artisan Gallery
Cristina Diego will share her flora and fauna creations
Small Scale in Miniature
They're teeny and tiny -- these micro-scale minis of miney CDHM Artisans making custom dollhouse miniatures
Found Objects
Let there be whimsicalness!
Dollhouse Foods
Funny things are everywhere
Mini Detours
Happy birthday Theodor
Tool Review
Bent that good wire to make a shape
Haunted and Spooky
What lurks in your creative mind?
Dollhouse Tourism
Travel to Ireland and discover leprechauns and gnomes
Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
Doll maker Mary Williams is a star in her own time
Shows and Fairs
Find Local Doll, Dollhouse Miniatures Shows And Fairs In Your Area
iMag Staff
Meet Our Dynamic Writing Team
Past Magazine Issues

CDHM Artisans making custom dollhouse miniatures



Alice Bell,

Courtney Strong, Smaller Scale
John Allard, Tools
Lauretta Carroll, Animals, Featured Gallery
Linda Cummings, Food
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
Melissa Hart, Spooky and Haunted
Nefer Kane, Dolls

Guest Contributors
Leslie Wiedenroth, Cristina Diego, Taily Steinhöfel, Christine Shearer, Mariella Vitale, Diane Paone, Teresa Tremaine, Orsi Skulteti, Amber Matthies, Bertie Pittman, Ericka VanHorn, Akke Ris, Jax Perrat, Drew Ebelhare, Lidi Stroud, Zaryana Bezu, Jenny Edwards, Deborah Rivera, Mikey O'Connell, Phyllis Morrow, Tricia Lancia, Judy Raley, Cheri Desiree, Mary Williams, Joyce Barmore, Aleah Klay, Sandra Keller Palesch, Mary Rench, Marķa Lourdes, Karin Caspar, Deborah Lyons, Don Lorenzen, Kim Saulter, Tracy Topps, J.K. Barrack, and Jain Squires

Issue 14
March 2011

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Cover Image CDHM Artisans making custom dollhouse miniatures
Kaspard et "Slobbery" son escargot by French artisan Taily Steinhöfel,
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