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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Tidbit News
CDHM Writer, Lauretta Carroll

Each month I will be bringing you the news from the dollhouse miniature community.

If you have an upcoming show you would like to review for us or other special event that you can send to us to include in the news, or just have an exciting opportunity that you would like to share, please let us know at .

Lauretta Carroll
Staff Writer

Where does inspiration come from? Combine one joking conversation about a shrink gun, a 144th scale room box and a moderator's picture with the talents of Sue in CT to get "Caught in the Act," her entry in the last CDHM Contest, What is Haunting Haunted Hollow? CDHM Tidbits dollhouse miniature news, Sue in CT

Sue's delightful finished work depicts a cauldron, shrinking powder, a perfect replica of the room box and a beautifully sculpted witch in the likeness of one of our moderators! Proving, once again, inspiration for miniatures is everywhere!

Informed sources have let slip that said moderator now keeps a framed picture of "Caught in the Act" over her workspace!

Table for two, please!
Congratulations to Cindy Teh Yen Ling (snowfern) CDHM Tidbits dollhouse miniature news, Cindy Teh Yen Ling aka Snowfern who participated in The Doll Affair, a "BJD" (ball-jointed-doll) show in Singapore, on December 19, 2009.

Cindy had her very first sales booth. She posted pictures of some of the fantastic creations she crafted for sale at the event in the Forum. Her food ranged in size from 1/3 scale all the way down to 1/48 scale.

Cindy shared her booth with one of our newest members, asukasakumo, who Cindy also convinced to join us here at CDHM.


Sneak Peek
Sneak a peek at a day in the Life of the Little Victorians by member, Karim Cheikh.

CDHM Tidbits dollhouse miniature news, Karim Cheikh aka victorian67 Those members who have visited the Dollhouse and Room box threads have been treated to a very special visual feast offered by Karim Cheikh (victorian67). Karim's specialty is creating worlds where his playmobile people live, laugh, and play. He also has been posting short photographic stories depicting such events as The Birthday Party, Autumn Harvest, There is Magic in the Air, and A Christmas Miracle on Regent St. to the delight of his followers. Maybe the next installment will be a Valentine?

A special thank you to Karim for sharing his creations.

CDHM Artisan, Linda Master lost her beloved pet, Miracle chicken

Anyone who has owned a pet knows the sorrow of losing that beloved companion.

Our sympathies go out to Jody Brown Raines (jodyr1700), Linda Master (Miraclechicken), and Laura Sanchez (Lauritxu).

Jody lost her dear kitty "Priss" this past November;

Linda lost her pet chicken "Pretty Pretty Girl" who was more daughter than pet, and;

Laura lost her dear guinea pig "Hemingway".


CDHM Tidbits dollhouse miniature news, Elizabeth LePla of Elf Miniatures
Congratulations goes out to Elizabeth LePla of Elf Miniatures on her inclusion in the Telegraph News (UK) article, (click to read) "A modernist makeover of a Victorian dollís house".

Special Condolences

The miniature world has lost a very special lady, Joy Ann Parker of Swallowhill Dolls and Molds. Joy passed away right before Christmas.

Many of us have enjoyed her cheerful instructions and assistance through the years. She will be greatly missed.

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