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Let the hunt begin
Featured Artisan
Artisan profile featuring IGMA Fellow Bill Helmer
Is your basket filled?
Little Bunny FooFoo is skipping through the galleries and has
discovered enough to fill his basket
Found Objects
Spring, it's a tightly wound coil of possibility!
Here comes Peter Cottontail to welcome spring
Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies
Tool Review
Flocking made easy
Outstanding gallery discoveries
Featured Gallery
Meet Debbie Mize creates Minis as a jack-of-all-trades
Book Review
'Magnificent Miniatures', Inspiration and Technique for Grand Houses on a
Small Scale by Kevin Mulvany and Susie Rogers
Easter food is something to celebrate
Dollhouse miniature food creations made for the holiday
Forum Spotting
New creations abound. Peek into the artisans world and discover what they
shared in the CDHM Forum that hasn't hit the public market yet
Hitty and Friends
Who is Hitty?
Keep up to date on the News from the dollhouse miniature community
Meet the CDHM mascots
Print out your favorite dollhouse miniature paper printies
Published Artisans
Find out who was published in your favorite magazine or imag
Shows and Fairs


Alice Bell

Ernesto Baldini, Plants
Lauretta Carroll, Tidbits & Forum Spotting
Linda Cummings, Food
Paulette Morrissey, Hitty
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
John Allard, Tools
Reisl Lackinger, Book Review

Guest Contributors
Bill Helmer, Debbe Mize, Nathalie Gireaud, Carolyn Brown, Betsy Niederer, Courtney Strong, Loredana Tonetti, Agnes Turpin, Oiseau deNim, Bella Cavallo Studios, Linda Cummings, Tracy Topps, Kay Burton, Susan Jerabek, Yokozona Miniatures, Kristy Taylor, Sandra Palesch, Valbuena Miniaturas, Nicky Cooper, Ann Fisher

Issue 4
April 2010

All Rights Reserved 2010

Cover Image
  Dollhouse made Tracy Topps
  of Minis On The Edge

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