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CDHM The Miniature Way Dollhouse Miniature Printies

Courtesy of Miniaturas
Dolls House Miniatures Magazine

 Boxes, Boxes, Boxes • Box labels and scrapbooking  Just for Valentine's • Pretty printies
  1:12 Dishes, Wall Hangings and More • Paper minis  1:12 Armoire / Chest • In 1:12 scale
 Doll Cradle • pattern for dollshouse  Book & Food covers and more • Assortment of covers
 Valentine Boxes • Pretty Valentine related printies for 1/12 scale  Children, Horses and Related • Assortment of toy printies
 Food Labels & Signs • Book, Food Labels, Signs, and Boxes  1920's Cut-outs • Venetian Display Cabinet in Espanol
 Boxes and Cards • For Valentine's Day  Boxes and Gifts • Hearts and Victorian
 Child's Rocker and Toys • Rocker, Wagon, Airplane and Drum  Decorative Tiles • Tiles and Partition Inserts
 Floral Motifs • For dollhouse chairs, settees or sofas  Signs and Labels • For the Dollhouse and Roombox
 The Tudor Lady • Dollhouse La Dama Tudor in Espanol  Miniature Toys • Toys, Train, Wagon, and Bike
 Dolls House Windows and Signs • Part 1  Dollhouse Windows and Signs • Part 2

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