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Happy Halloween!
Artisan Profile
Artisan Profile, Meet Amber Matthies
Of The World Of Trollflings
Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
And Then There Was Magic...
Meet Sherri Colvin of Colvin Dolls and Mini Doll Kits
Haunted and Spooky
All Hallow's Eve Is All In Fun
Dollhouse Tourism
Virtual Cruise: Ciao Italia!
Dollhouse Foods
Jack o'Lanterns
Found Objects
How Do You Define Treat?
Tricks, Treats, And Amazing Feats!
Artisan Gallery
Meet Hanna Lindroth Of Miniature Chef
Smaller Scale in Miniature
Small Scale Zone
Just Dollhouses
Tribute To A Wise Woman With Deb Roberts' Dollhouses
Swaps Can Be Magical
Magical Swap Exchange With CDHM Artisan Alicia Hernandez
Book Review
Storybook Style By Arrol Gellner And Douglas Keister
Learn To Make Peeled Oranges With Peel In 1:12 Scale With
CDHM Artisan Hanna Lindroth Of Miniature Chef
Tool Review
Fall Burning Is Creative Fun For All With Wood Burning Pens
Eye Candy
Incredible Artistry From The CDHM Galleries
Shows and Fairs
Find Local Doll, Dollhouse Miniatures Shows And Fairs In Your Area
Print Out Your Favorite Dollhouse Miniature Paper Printies
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View The Magazine Published Membership
iMag Staff
Meet The Dynamic Team That Make Up The Miniature Way iMag Staff
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Alice Bell

Christine Verstraete, Dolls
Courtney Strong, Smaller Scale
John Allard, Tools
Lauretta Carroll, Animals, Featured Gallery
Linda Cummings, Food
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
Melissa Hart, Spooky and Haunted

Guest Writers
Alicia Hernandez
Mariella Vitale

Guest Contributors
Amber Matthies, Sherri Colvin, Deb Roberts, Kristy Taylor, Sharon May Nicol, Deborah Rivera, Barb Naas, Stephanie Kilgast, Kiva Atkinson, Karin Caspar, Betsy Niederer, Orsi Skulteti, Leslie Wiedenroth, Loredana Tonetti, Pat Carlson, Hanna Lindroth, Teresa Tremaine, Christine Verstraete, Monica Graham, Nathalie Gireaud, Kerri Pajutee, Nicky Cooper, Lucy Maloney, Aleah Klay, Linda Master, Deb Roberts, Mary EJ, and Carmen.

Issue 9
October 2010

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Cover Images
  Left: Halloween bear and bunny in 1:12 scale by
  CDHM Artisan Aleah Klay Right: Black cat in
  1:12 scale by CDHM Artisan Bridget McCarty.

Halloween bear and bunny in 1:12 scale by CDHM Artisan Aleah Klay
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