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Childhood memories
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Artisan Profile
Artisan profile featuring CDHM Artisan Monica Cado Shellabarger
Found Objects
Thrillin' Grillin': Shrink the grill for mini thrills!
Dolls, Dolls, Dolls
Clay! It is only the beginning. Meet Judy A. Raley of Once We Were Fairies
Learn to make stuffed baby calamari in 1:12 scale with IGMA Fellow Kiva Atkinson!
America The Furry: Tales of our Paw-Fathers
Featured Gallery
Meet Jax Perrat of Ceynix Miniature Trees 'n' Trains
Forum Spotting
New creations abound. Peek into the forum members world and discover what
they shared in the CDHM Forum that hasn't hit the public market yet
Book Review
White House in miniature by Gail Buckland
Dollhouse Tourism
Take A Holiday Around The World
Smaller Scale in Miniature
A Tiny Salute: Bringing the red, white & blue to scale
Pièce de Résistance
Tool Review
Sun and Sanding: The summer sands of August are colorful and useful
Dollhouse Foods
My Blue Heaven: Buttercream & berries don't necessarily top blue brains
Steampunk with doll maker Nefer Kane
Eye Candy
Outstanding artisan creations found by The Miniature Way staff within the CDHM Galleries
Spooky and Haunted
Things that go bump in CDHM with Grimdeva of Cauldron Craft Miniatures
Learn to make a 1:12 scale cat scratching post with CDHM Artisan Christine Wex
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Alice Bell

Courtney Strong, Smaller Scale
Christine Verstraete, Dolls
Lauretta Carroll, Animals, Featured Gallery
Betsy Niederer, Food
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
John Allard, Tools

Guest Writers
Christine Wex
Jana Rowntree aka Grimdeva
Kiva Atkinson, IGMA Fellow
Nefer Kane

Guest Contributors
Ann Vanture, Ann Fisher, Susan Robbins, Don Joslyn, Karin Smead, Debbie Dixon-Paver, Judy A. Raley, Lucy Maloney, Nicky Cooper, Mariella Vitale, Tammy Shoup, IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee, Kristy Taylor, Aleah Klay, Jax Perrat, Monica Cado Shellabarger, Bertie Pittman, Dave Krakow, Pat Carlson, Lori Turner-Dolinsek, Marilyn Harms, Melissa Hart, Adora Bella Minis, Trollflings, Janine Crocker, Linda Master, Ericka Vanhorn, John Meikle, Erin Metcalf, Catherine (maryheartline3), Eden (Juani), Pei Li Miniatures, Christa Chayata, supercar8, amatheria, Margaret Cassidy (mags48), julietk, cyndyluwho56, IGMA Artian Christel Jensen, IGMA Fellow Orsolya Skuleti, Hanna Lindroth, Kim Saulter, Stephanie Kilgast, Gloria Lund, Don Thomas, Joyce Barmore, Diana Noch, Deb Roberts, Kris Compas, Jaime Tucker, Amber Matthies, Loredona Tonnetti, Sharon May Nicol, and Leslie Zeigler.

Issue 7
August 2010

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Cover Image
  By CDHM Artisan Nefer Kane.

  Image Below: 3rd Place Win Dutch and Belgian
  Institute of Doll Artists, (DABIDA) Doll
  Contest, "Steampunk" art doll by Nefer Kane

Steampunk art doll by Nefer Kane, 1:12 scale handmade paperclay art dolls
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