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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Book Review
CDHM The Miniature Way
April 2011, Issue 15
Book Review
Page 17

Book Review

Book review of The Dolls' House Gardener, by Lionel Barnard and Michael Hinchcliffe, Published by David and Charles in 1999. 176 pages The eight different garden designs included are: The Formal Georgian Garden; The Rustic Garden; The Edwardian Summer House; The Terrace House Backyard; The Vegetable Garden; A Victorian Roof Garden with Conservatory; The Georgian Courtyard Garden; and The Lighted Deck Garden.

The Vegetable Garden is adorable with two plots of neat rows of veggies. The preface of this chapter covers all the basics:
"As you can see, this garden has all the basic elements - a sheltered work bench, a cold frame, two vegetable patches and a small greenhouse. The walls and fence provide shelter from the winds and help to keep up the temperature in the garden. The garden is basically a free-standing structure but you could easily adapt the basic features to design a vegetable garden to suit your own dolls' house."

Following are 12 pages of instructions listing materials, dimensions and assembly tips and instructions. Each garden description is similar in format and by following the instructions to the end of each description, you will have your very own garden.

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