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CDHM The Miniature Way
February 2011, Issue 13
Eye Candy
Page 57

Check out a few of the outstanding creations
that 'The Miniature Way' staff discovered
surfing the CDHM galleries. Click any
image to view more of that artisan's work.

CDHM artisan Ulrike Leibling creates dollhouse scale dolls and doll clothing in 1:12 scale CDHM artisan Pat Carlson creating 1:12 scale and smaller readable books for the dollhouse miniature collector CDHM Artisan mondodifavola creates dollhouse scale furniture, hand painted in 1:12 scale for the dollhouse
CDHM Artisan Phyllis Morrow creates hand sculpted polymer clay, wigged dolls and fairy, fairies CDHM Artisan Tracy Topps of Minis on the edge creates 1:12, 1:24 scale dollhouses CDHM Artisan Stephanie Kilgast creates 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature food
CDHM Artisan Martie Tyler sculpts OOAK 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature foods CDHM artisan  creating carved animals in 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 scale for your roomboxes and dollhouses, finshed and ready for the dollhouse miniature collector CDHM Artisan Noemi Pascual creates 1/12 scale dolls dollhouse miniatures
CDHM artisan and IGMA Fellow Linda Cummings creating scale dollhouse miniature foods in 1:12 scale CDHM artisans and IGMA Fellow Bill Helmer turns vases, bowls, lidded vessels in dollhouse scale miniature  for the dollhouse CDHM Artisan Rose-ellen Horan creates hand stitched pillows, drapes, bedspreads in 1/12, 1:24, 144 scale scale dollhouse

The CDHM artisans are the best worldwide. Our members are professional, articulate, and reach for the highest levels of quality in the doll and dollhouse industry. Our artisans offer original, one-of-a-kind creations for the discriminating collector.

Some of the pieces are for sale now within the galleries, while others are by commission only! Just click any of the images to visit the artisan and be amazed as we were!

Are you a miniature maker? Doll maker? Not a member of the CDHM Galleries yet?
What are you waiting on, join today!

Join the CDHM galleries today

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