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There on display, as if created out of thin air to satisfy her wish for a house, was a 1:24th scale Art Deco style house.

"I fell in love immediately. Chris Rouch - Toptoise - built it for me in 1/12th. It was different from all the other houses and that is why I liked it. Customized 1:12 Scale Art Deco Dollhouse by Katina Beales The roof terrace was another attraction. I like to say I didn't choose the house as much as it chose me," she said.

Katina is relatively new to the miniatures world.

ABOVE LEFT: The white leather suite in the living area is by Arlette Shelton Miniature Furniture. All the other furniture in the living area was been made by Kim Selwood Miniature Furniture. The Dragon Screen is unique, one of kind piece made by Terence Stringer Dollshouse Miniatures.

"I only a fleeting "glance" of the hobby when I was 18. My Mum was offered a large Georgian house that had been hand built and furnished, etc. But she thought I would not be interested and turned it down. I had a pang when she told me, but then boyfriends and other things took over," she said.

Childhood toys included a Sindy Doll and a Triang doll's house.

"Although I was really careful with my toys - I still have my original Sindy Doll - I wore the doll's house out playing with it so much!"

It was the Sindy Doll who inspired her first somewhat scale miniature project in Christmas 2005 when she created a Christmas room box. She counts the Art Deco house as her first real miniature project and inspiration for creating some miniatures herself. Customized 1:12 Scale Art Deco Dollhouse by Katina Beales

"Making the room box awakened a desire in me to have a miniature house. The only thing I have left from my Triang doll's house is my little wooden Pekingese dog, which has taken pride of place and was the first thing I placed in my Art Deco house! It is a sort of link to the past and present."

The house is 36" wide by 27" long, 21" high on two stories and 10" high one story and is filled with the details that personified the Art Deco period.

"I love the curves and the glamour. There were some really innovative designs and designers during the Art Deco period. The architecture could be amazing along with the fashion. It is certainly a style that stands out," said Katina.

Part of the reason it is so vivid are the uncluttered, unfussy details. Which made builder Chris deliver the house with one caveat: Do not over-furnish the house!      Continue the Article

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