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Happy May Day
Comments to the Editor
Big Details In Small Scale
1:24, 1:48, and 144 scales can be found in dollhouse miniatures
How To Find Your Own Hitty?
If you are looking for Hitty, we have the answer for you
Artisan Profile
Artisan profile featuring IGMA Artist Sandi Palesch
Pièce de Résistance
Gather Ye Mini Flowers While Ye May
History of Miniatures
Part III of the Series, Discover miniatures through the years!
Found Objects
Endless possibilities. Small wonders from common finds!
Green Inhabitants
Flowers and Plants - What to make them of for the dollhouse?
Tool Review
Write it down. Exploring journals.
Outstanding artisan creations from the CDHM Galleries
Featured Gallery
Meet Kay Burton who shrinks the masters
Book Review
The Complete Doll's House Book by Jean Nisbett
Forum Spotting
New creations abound. Peek into the forum members world and discover what
they shared in the CDHM Forum that hasn't hit the public market yet
Keep up to date on the News from the dollhouse miniature community
Meet the CDHM mascots
Print out your favorite dollhouse miniature paper printies
Published Artisans
Find out who was published in your favorite magazine or imag
Shows and Fairs
Find local doll, dollhouse miniatures and toy fairs and shows in your area
iMag Staff
Meet the dynamic team that make up the Miniature Way imag staff
Past imag issues, Newsletters and related articles


Alice Bell

Betsy Niederer, Food
Ernesto Baldini, Plants
Lauretta Carroll, Featured Gallery, Tidbits & Forum Spotting
Linda Cummings, Food
Lu Garcia, Found Objects
John Allard, Tools
Reisl Lackinger, Book Review

Guest Writer
Carolyn Mohler Kraft, History of Miniatures

Guest Contributors
Abby Benner, Agnes Turpin, Aleah Klay, Ceynix Miniature Trees, Cindy (snowfern), Courtney Strong, Era Anderson Pearce, Golden Unicorn Miniatures, Kim (fairchildart), Jeannette Buchholz, Linda Master, Pat Carlson, Paulette Morrissey, Pim Sukkerd, Provence Miniatures, Sandi Palesch, Tracy Topps

Issue 5
May 2010

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