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CDHM The Minaiture Way, All about dolls
CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Page 30

From life-size to miniature, Camille Allen's
babies are so real you expect them to wake

Nefer Kane, Staff Writer
Images By Camille Allen

CDHM Artisan Camille Allen hand sculpts 1:12 baby dolls Shhhhhh.... They're sleeping!

Good morning dear Reader, please be discreet and don't speak out loud... let's whisper, if you please.
Did you have a nice trip to Powell River, here in Canada and did you get the flowers I asked you to bring?
Oh marvelous!!

No dear Reader, this is not exactly a hospital we are in though I understand your confusion... It is the studio of Camille Allen. A beautiful place in a bright and cheerful historic building built in 1916. You are totally right, yes Allen is a familiar name to many doll collectors because Camille's husband's grandmother, Clara Allen, was a doll maker too. Clara has been the only mentor and teacher of the artist we are visiting today.

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