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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Featured Gallery
CDHM The Miniature Way
February 2011, Issue 13
Featured Gallery
Page 48

Mastering the fine art
of miniature furniture
with Tom Walden

Lauretta Carroll
Staff Writer
Photos by Tom Walden

CDHM Artisan Tom Walden dollhouse miniature furniture maker in 1:12 scale, custom furniture Would you ever attempt to create Cabriole table legs with a drill press? Probably not, but then again, you're not Tom Walden!

Tom lives in Palm Bay, Florida, not too far from NASA's Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center.

"Yes, I can step outside of my house and watch all the rockets launch," he said. However, NASA isn't the only amazing attraction in this neck of the woods.

When it comes to giving Tom a title the only appropriate one would be "Master Craftsman," or possibly "Artistic Impresario," because his skill at creating finely detailed miniature furniture deserves nothing less.

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