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February 2011, Issue 13
Animals and Bears
Page 41

How I learned to cook with the dogs
 Lauretta Carroll
  Staff Writer


CDHM Artisan Lauretta Carroll The theme this month is "With Love From the Kitchen" and at first read it seems like a great theme. Who doesn't remember fresh baked cookies, roast turkey CDHM Artisan and IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee creates polymer clay animals including dogs, cats, donkey, and deer in 1:12 scale dollhouse scale miniature feasts and the smell of warm bread emanating from the oven? Or chilled fruit cups on a warm summer's day and the healing properties of homemade chicken soup... Ah! Writing this month will be easy!

Then I remembered that this column was about warm and fuzzy animals, not warm and fuzzy memories.


So here is my problem. When I think of my kitchen and my animal companions, love does not readily come to mind. Oh, I love all of them mind you, just not when it comes ABOVE, Dalmation puppies by IGMA Fellow Kerri Pajutee to moving around the kitchen and preparing anything that resembles a meal. Lovable they may be, helpful they are not. Take, for example, the following scenario that replays every day:

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