Artist: Kerri Pajutee, IGMA Fellow

Dollhouse Miniature Black Cat & Creepy Skull

'Black Cat, Creepy Skull & Candelabra'

is a special artisan grouping which can be displayed in a variety of vignettes. The cat was hand-built using polymer clay, wire, paint & baby alpaca/silk fibers. SOLD

Dollhouse Miniature Cozy Kitten Cat

'Cozy Kitty' White Kitten Cat is a dollhouse miniature scale sculpture of polymer clay, wire, paint & pure white alpaca fibers & flock. Additional details include, pale blue resin eyes, tiny rooted whiskers and a mint-green silk bow collar. SOLD

Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Tabby Kitten Cats

'Tabby Trouble' & 'Tabby Innocence' are hand-sculpted in polyclay, wire, paint & natural alpaca fibers & powder-fine flock. Tails are wire-based for gentle posing. A purrfect addition to your miniature setting! SOLD

Dollhouse Miniature Pekin Duck & Ducklings

"Protective Mama Duck & 3 Little Ducklings"

Born in the studio in time for Spring!  A protective mother Pekin duck and her 3 little precious fuzzy ducklings.  Each duck was freehand-sculpted from polymer clay, with fine gauge wire within the legs & web feet.  Mother duck is dressed in a permanent coat of powder-fine cashmere & real cut-to-size feathers. Ducklings are covered in a fuzzy yellow French wool set with glue. 




Dollhouse Miniature Yorkie Terrier

"Lil Peanut" a Dollhouse Miniature Yorkie (with pet clip)

'Lil Peanut' is one of the sweetest, cherub-faced Yorkshire Terriers you could ever meet and would make an endearing keepsake for the dollhouse enthusiast or collector.  This tiny Yorkie as freehand-sculpted from polymer clay, with fine gauge wire armature, acrylic paints and dressed in a permanent coat of alpaca wool & silk fibers. To show off this petite terriers bright eyes, she was given a sporty, yet fashionable pet clip. 


Dollhouse Miniature Landseer Dog

This dollhouse miniature scale sitting Landseer dog was a special request piece hand-sculpted from polymer clay, over an armature of aluminum foil & wire.  It realistic, striking black and white coat is applied natural alpaca fibers and powder-fine flock which was scissor-sculpted to overall shape.  Client supplied photograph of a painting as reference as to detailed pose. 



1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Raccoon

1:12 Dollhouse Miniature 'poseable' Raccoon sculpture


A hand-sculpted, polymer clay & wire Raccoon dressed in a realistic coat of natural blended alpaca fibers & flock. This one-of-a-kind, animated raccoon features a flexible head, and moveable front legs/paws and tail that can be gently posed in a variety of ways with or without props.  It's expressive head can be moved from left to right, up or down, and its arms can easily bend to hold an object or rest on the edge as shown in this photo.  A versatile, story-book sculpture to bring your miniature setting 'alive'. 


**Currently ON HOLD 




Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Grouchy Cat

'Grouchy Cat' was inspired by the wildly popular internet fur personality known as 'Tarder Sauce' the grumpy cat.  This wee little cat sits only 1 1/8 inch tall and is an original hand-formed polymer clay sculpture over delicate wire armature created in a classic buddha kitty pose.  Grouchys other features include a soft multi-shaded alpaca fiber coat, hand-painted blue eyes, inset whiskers, and a fluffy wire-based tail that can be gently curled or draped.  'Grouchy Cat' would stage beautifully in a variety of miniature settings or as a stand-alone conversation piece.      




Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Pomeranian Dog

Miniature Pom (Kleinspitz) in 1:12 scale

Cute as a button this little OOAK miniature Pomeranian (Kleinspitz) was hand-sculpted from polymer clay and dressed in a coat of hand-dyed virgin wool. Its expressive foxy character would display very nicely in almost any miniature vignette placed in.  Height: a wee bit less than 1 1/2" (3.8cm) to tips of ears. 


Dollhouse Miniature Bleating Lamb

"Little Bleating Lamb"  1:12 scale 

Spring is here!  This precious little bleating lamb is a dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale hand-formed sculpture in a static, yet animated pose.  Brought to life in the studio using polymer clay (w/ delicate wire reinforcement), acrylic paints, and a soft coat of wool fibers.      



Artist: Kerri Pajutee, IGMA Fellow