Artist: Debbie Dixon-Paver

28 January 2017 Update....


Thanks for stopping to look at my online gallery.

This is to let all customers who follow me here on know that from the beginning of March I shall no longer have this online gallery but will be selling exclusively through my Etsy store.  Click HERE to favorite my Etsy store. 

I've been playing around on YOU TUBE with some "old" doll pics ... (maybe some of you even own the dolls, lol)

 ....and  I've created these two videos :  "GOOD TIMES CALENDAR" and "GIRLS AND BOYS WITH ALPHABET TOYS". If you click on the video names it'll link you to them on You Tube!

Please click HERE to  reach my Etsy store!

My past work is also available for viewing on this Pinterest board HERE.

Edwardian Family

 Sorry, now all SOLD.

 I've just completed this Edwardian family of five and they are available for sale in my Etsy store. Click HERE to see lots more photos as well as descriptions and pricing details. 

The Perfect Nanny


Inspired by my favourite movie EVER, Mary Poppins.

F Is For FIRST Christmas For Baby To Share


This lovely mother and baby , both created from china-painted porcelain, are currently available from my ETSY shop. To see several photos of her, along with a detailed description and pricing / shipping details please click HERE. 


C is for CHRISTMAS CANDY that tastes so yummy!

These 4 have all been SOLD 

These four toddlers are going to have the sweetest Christmas with all of the candy that they've received!

These 4 girls are all created from china-painted porcelain and are 3 inches high. 


Petit Fours: Storybook


All four of these Petit Fours: STORYBOOK have been sold. They included: Alice, Dorothy, Goldilocks and Anne of Green Gables.

The Governess With Two Girls


R is for READING Christmas stories before bed...


These two dolls are another addition to my Christmas Alphabet. An Edwardian mother, dressed in pale dusty pink , reads a bedtime Christmas story to her daughter who wears a whie cotton nightie and holds a tiny porcelain dolly dressed in a white nightie too!  You can find all the info you need about these dolls in my Etsy shop HERE.

Artist: Debbie Dixon-Paver