December 2009
International Guild Of Miniature Artisans
Fellows & Artisans Recognition
During November 2009

CDHM has seven times the reasons to be proud this month. Seven members have been awarded IGMA Artisan and Fellow status during the November review. Carol Cook, Diane Yunnie, Julie Campbell and Tiggy Goldsmith received Artisan status and Bill Helmer, Kiva Atkinson and Linda Cummings were awarded Fellow. Big congratulations go out to all of them.

Meet Carol Cook, IGMA Artisan Carol Cook, awarded IGMA Artisan in the Food category.

A Graphic Artist by trade, Carol began creating miniatures in the Spring 1996.

Carol says, "I have been sculpting and model making since a child, a fascination for all things in miniature sowed the seeds for my passion in the creation of truly realistic, high quality miniatures.

"I own four 'modern' made 1:12 scale Dolls Houses and two vintage 'toy' houses that are 1:16 scale. I hope you enjoy browsing the images of my miniature creations!"

Carol and her husband reside in England.

Meet Diane Yunnie, IGMA Artisan Diane Yunnie, awarded IGMA Artisan in the Dolls category.

Period dollmaker Diane Yunnie creates dolls in both 1/12 and 1/24 scale under the trade name Daydream Dolls.

Diane resides in South Africa.

Meet Julie Campbell, IGMA Artisan Julie Campbell, awarded IGMA Artisan in the Doll category.

Julie has been making dolls for six years and is a self-taught artist.

Her dolls are all one of a kind (OOAK) and hand-sculpted from polymer clay. She works in 1:12 and 1:24 scales to create wonderful miniature character dolls. Each doll is dressed in hand-sewn clothing and incredibly detailed down to shoes and under garments.

Julie says she has a great passion for her work and believes that eyes are the window to the soul and always sculpts her dolls eyes and paint them with as much expression as possible. Julie resides in England.

Meet Tiggy Goldsmith, IGMA Artisan Tiggy Goldsmith, awarded IGMA Artisan in the Doll Costuming and Accessories category.

With a 30-year background in making historical costumes (full-sized), and a life-long love of doll's houses, Tiggy started selling her dressed 1:12 scale porcelain dolls house dolls in 2004, thus combining her two passions. Tiggy says, "My dolls are made from commercial molds and have an internal wire structure making them able to hold poses extremely well."

Tiggy resides in England along with her husband, John.

Meet Bill Helmer, IGMA Fellow Bill Helmer, awarded IGMA Fellow for his turnings. Bill received Artisan status in April 2005.

Bill began his adventures in woodworking about 20 years ago by building various items for the house and gifts for family & friends. He started lathe work a few years later. What started as one table saw has multiplied into a large shop filled with more pieces of machinery and tools than he can count! Nowadays, you can find Bill turning a wide variety of 1", ½" & ¼" scale items out of various mediums. Bill says, "My true love is Exotic Woods but I also turn Acrylics, Elephant and Mammoth Ivory, Bakelite, Antler, Tropical Palm Nuts, and Genuine Amber. I strive to turn a variety of items, not only bowls, vases and boxes but unique, OOAK items that collectors can display in their room boxes, doll houses or miniature collections."

Bill and his wife, Carla, live in Oregon, USA, along with their 2 dogs.

Meet Kiva Atkinson, IGMA Fellow
Kiva Atkinson, awarded IGMA Fellow in the Food category. Kiva received her Artisan status in the Food category in May 2006.

A self described creator of miniature food and oddball stuff, Kiva's work is hand-sculpted in both 1:12 and 1:24 scale. Kiva's mother, Linda makes all of her crates, tables, and banana hangers.

Her work has appeared in American Miniaturist, Dollhouse Miniatures, Dolls House and Miniature Scene, and Miniaturas magazines.

Kiva resides in Hawaii.

Meet Linda Cummings, IGMA Fellow Linda Cummings, also awarded IGMA Fellow in the Food category. Linda received her Artisan status in the Food category in May 2007.

Mother of three girls and grandmother of one girl and two boys, she resides in the North East of England where it is regularly cold, wet and grey, according to Linda. This gives her loads of time to create miniatures.

Linda says, "I have always been a little on the "arty" side, enjoying any kind of creativity, but especially tiny counted cross stitch and watercolor painting. Having run out of wall space for my paintings, miniatures came along at just the right time and now, all I can say is that, I am HOOKED!

"I've been living, eating, sleeping and dreaming miniatures for the past five years and as yet no one has come up with a satisfactory antidote! They are just wonderful, as are the many people, from all over the world who I have "met" (in the "virtual world") through my mini-making! To them, I say "thank you" for all the support and friendship which make the work all worthwhile!"


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