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January 2010
CDHM The Miniature Way Magazine Editor Alice Bell

Dear Fellow CDHMrs,

This is my first letter to you in the first-ever edition of the brand new CDHM magazine, The Miniature Way.

As 2009 gives way to 2010, the CDHM newsletter gives way to a spanking new cutting edge design on-line magazine.

Kudos to Marlene and Mr. Admin for the computer genius layout that made it possible for the idea to become reality.

I am thrilled and excited to have been chosen to help bring this new resource into being. It is my goal to bring you informative stories with photographs of miniatures from all four points of the compass, all around the globe. In addition to being a long-time miniaturist, I am also a long-time writer, having served as a newspaper Lifestyles editor for almost a decade and freelancing in several different magazines. I look forward to the wide open possibilities an on-line format brings.

How about the internet for this kind of global accessibility?!

Some of the greatest names in the miniatures field may be found here at CDHM, and it is with great delight I anticipate not only showcasing these well known artists but discovering new names to add to our group.

I also encourage you all to volunteer the names of people you think should grace these pages, whether a friend's, mentor's or even your own! Contact me at with your selections or any ideas for stories you would like to read.

Let me introduce our staff of talented writers who will be joining me in creating our new magazine:
Lauretta Carroll, will be scanning the threads in search of eye-catching pictures of in-progress works posted by Gallery owners as well as items for the Tidbits section.

Reisl Lackinger, our book reviewer, will be scanning past and present publications and giving you a mini-eye view on their merits.

Lu Garcia, who will offer suggestions each month on one or more found objects and the multitude of mini adaptations possible.

John Allard, will introduce everyone to a new tool - or maybe new ideas for an old one - each month. There will also be a rotation of guest features throughout the coming months from various CDHM members on topics near and dear to their hearts.

All in all, it's an exciting time to be a CDHM member and Gallery participant.

So join me in our mini community endeavor here at CDHM and let's make 2010 The Year of the Miniature!

The Miniature Way Editor

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