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CDHM Artisan Amber Matthies

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I love to create anything fantastical or whimsical, even spooky. This is a dream of mine to create my art as a living, but find it is more fun than anything. Each and every single day is an opportunity to create something the world has never seen, being a one of a kind artist is incredible!

I live in Troy Ohio with my husband and six children 
and some very naughty cats. We adopted a puppy last winter also, his name is Oliver. He is naughty too!  In my spare time I watch Halloween movies. Every year on my birthday we decorate for Halloween a whole month and a half early! It's like Christmas to me!

The Trolls have been a love of mine since I was ten years old. I always preferred them to any other fantasy creature because they were so sweet and had hearts as big as their feet. That goes a long way with me, the heart of a doll can always show in their eyes. I adored them then as I do now, that is how the trollflings came about!

You can contact me anytime through here, or my website

Troll wishes, always

Amber Matthies