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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature, The Miniature Way Forum Spotting
CDHM The Miniature Way
Forum Spotting
June 2010, Issue 6
Dollhouse Miniature
Forum Spotting
By CDHM Gallery & Forum Membership

Check out all the creative works from the CDHM artisans and and CDHM Forum members as present in the last weeks. You can click on those images to receive a hit of fairy magic and be transported to the Galleries. Or join the CDHM Forums and see these works in progress and the other creations that our membership are making.

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CDHM forum member Antonina hand crocheted a tiny scale teapot CDHM Artisan Linda Master hand carves 1:12 scale wooden animals for the dollhouse CDHM Miniature Forum member Angelio Raco, nickname lillybean made these tiny 1:12 scale waffle ice cream cones
CDHM Miniature Forum member Elly made 1:12 scale narcissi flowers for the dollhouse Cupcakes in 1:12 scale by IGMA Fellow Betsy Niederer CDHM Miniature Forum member Nathalie Mori, nickname nounours made these 1:12 scale needlefelted bears
CDHM Miniature Forum member John Allard, nickname mindstorm sculpted this fantasy horse in 1:12 scale CDHM Miniature Forum member Dave Krakow, nickname dakra created this 1:48 scale dumpster for the dollhouse or railroad setting. 1:48 scale teddy bear birthday picnic by CDHM Artisan Courtney Strong of Courts Miniatures

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