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CDHM The Miniature Way imag Dollhouse Miniature Tools Review
CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Page 69
Scissors for every project,
just do not take Mom's
By Staff Writer John Allard

CDHM Writer, John Allard Being an artist since childhood, I have always loved making things. It didn't always have to be a drawing, sometimes it was a sculpture or a wooden device for CDHM Writer, John Allard shares tools for dollhouse miniatures on CDHM my GI Joes, or a superhero costume made with scraps of different t-shirts and markers. But the one tool I used the most was a pair of scissors. And my mom had a lot of them. Of course they all had their special purpose and I wasn't supposed to be using them but, hey, rules were made to be broken.

She had these really heavy duty ones for cutting cloth, then small tiny sharp ones for cutting thread, long pointy ones for trimming hair and then there was the boring old dull ones that I was supposed to use - you know the ones that sit in the kitchen junk/tool drawer in most homes? I hated those and was constantly sneaking one of the smaller pair of cloth-cutters. I liked to make things out of paper and there was nothing like long, sharp shears to get those crisp cuts I needed for my folded paper projects. This of course enraged my mom as she claimed that paper made them dull. Hmmmm, I never noticed that.

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