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CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Mini Detours
Page 41

Dollhouse miniature Kristy Taylor creates 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures animals including mice, raccoons and hedge hogs When I remember my childhood, which by the way keeps getting dimmer and dimmer with each passing year, There are some things that stand out in my mind as vividly as things that occurred last week. The sights and sound I associate with my mom are not necessarily ones that you would think of when immersed in the world of miniatures. In fact, my mom never had any interest in dolls, dollhouses, or anything miniature, but she had an understanding that I did, and although 1:12 mice playing cowboys and indians; and 1:12 gone fishing raccoon by CDHM Artisan Kristy Taylor cdhm artisan Kristy Taylor creates dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale animals in dollhouse miniatures it was not her cup of tea, she allowed me the freedom to pursue my hobby. And although you might not think that I could possibly link a non-miniature mother to the miniature world, you would be entirely wrong. You see, there's so much more to miniatures than tiny objects and structures. There's also a sense of the real world embedded in every miniature creation. So as I journeyed through the CDHM Forum I kept an eye out for all things that said "Mother" to me.

I remember a small egg sitting on a shelf. It had an oval opening along the side revealing a little Easter scene in miniature, and it sat on a gold filigree stand. I thought it was a Faberge© egg and it was a favorite of mine for years. Alas, it was actually a delicate hen's egg, not a Faberge, that sat on our shelf. However, IGMA Artisan Marķa Lourdes Areal Cruces has made the most amazing miniature Faberge© inspired egg which reminds me of mom's whenever I see it. It has all of the gold accents and hidden jewelry within its shell, just like the real ones do.

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