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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Featured Gallery
CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Featured Gallery
Page 53

The art of Alicia Hernandez

Lauretta Carroll
Staff Writer

CDHM Artisan Alicia Hernandez of AH Designs creates dollhouse miniature dolls, plants and mini accessories

This month we are shinning the spotlight on CDHM Artist Alicia Hernandez. Alicia is the owner of A.H. Designs located in Yakima, Washington, here in the United States. Alicia's specialty is making 1/12th scale dollhouse miniatures in polymer clay, including dolls, foods of all types and plants. Although polymer clay is the medium Alicia works with the most, she doesn't restrict herself to just one medium.

"I work with anything that I need at the time. I work with clay, wood, fabric, glass and metal. I don't like to be limited. If I design something I don't want to say 'oh, I can't make that' because I don't work in that material, then I would be limited in my thinking also!"

Although Alicia has not had any formal training in her field, she's learned much as a self-taught artist who also just happened to be lucky enough to be surrounded with talented people.

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