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CDHM dollhouse miniature All about dollhouse scale foods in miniature
CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Foods In Miniature
Page 4
Nothing says loving like
something from the oven!

Betsy Niederer
Staff Writer


CDHM imag the miniature way features dollhouse miniature scale foods in scale My husband and I both agree that nothing makes the day better than pie. I prefer peach and he loves apple. If I asked my kids about their favorite comfort food, one would say a turkey dinner and the other would love a box of chicken nuggets with ketchup.

To each his own, I guess.

With the approach of Mother's Day, I have been thinking about how my Mom influenced my love for IGMA Artisan Sandra Palesch shares her beautifully laid out breakfast table perfect for that special Mother's Day setting. cooking and food. I learned to cook by watching her. I remember seeing big pots of oatmeal bubbling on the stove before school, the delicious smell of a roast in the oven on Sunday afternoon and my absolute favorite, eating the raw cookie dough when she wasn't looking (this was before raw eggs were considered evil). This is why I love making miniature food that gives your dollhouse kitchen a touch of Mom's love.

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