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CDHM The Miniature Way
May 2011, Issue 16
Featured Artisan
Page 10

Possums and mice and alpacas, oh my!
Kristy Taylor creates Mini Menagerie
By Alice Bell
Images by Kristy Taylor

CDHM Artisan Kristy Taylor creating dollhouse miniatures animals in 1:12 scale In peaceful Portland, Oregon USA, there is a house filled with four-footed mischief.

Mice commandeer Big Wheels, work hard at drafting tables to design better bell collars for cats and ride turtles. Raccoons drag along their favorite stuffed bunnies and get caught with their paws in the cookie jar - the bandit mask doesn't help after being caught red-handed, err, pawed!

And all the merry madness began with fairies and leprechauns.

"When I was just a wee mini myself, I had a love for all things miniature. I believed tiny fairies and little leprechauns lived among the mushrooms. And of course, my family strengthened my belief by telling me little white lies that these beings truly existed. One day in particular I remember seeing a patch of wild mushrooms growing in a neighbor's front lawn. I believed if I watched long enough, surely I'd catch a peek of a little leprechaun or two.

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