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CDHM Dollhouse Miniature Book Review
CDHM The Miniature Way
February 2011, Issue 13
Book Review
Page 66

Book review of Recipes for Art and Craft Materials By Helen Roney Sattler, Published by Beech Tree Publications 1994

    Recipes for Art and Craft Materials
    Helen Roney Sattler

       Beech Tree Publications. 1994. 143 Pages

Never has there been a small book filled with so much helpful information for the crafter. If there is a craft compound NOT found within these pages it would be a surprise. The 143 pages are packed with recipes using items from the kitchen with a only a few extras like oil of cloves, alum and glycerin - or dryer lint.

Yep, there is actually a recipe for making your very own dryer lint modeling material. Now you know exactly what you can use the pesky stuff for - creating! And a nifty container for some of these compounds? The author took a lesson from Silly Putty and uses a plastic Easter egg!

There are recipes for all types of pastes and glues, including waterproof or glass glue and leather glue; 21 different clays and doughs; eight different kinds of papier-mache; five different casting compounds including mock marble and imitation alabaster; 22 different kinds of paints; six different inks; floral fixatives; and a separate chapter for a wide assortment of materials that don't fit within the above groups.

All from your average kitchen. Marvelous!

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